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          In good old days, I used to write diaries on day-to-day events. Then I felt boring of writing them all in paper and altogether stopped that habit.

          Now this blog is my diary for a very long time. Even though, I am having some restrictions in pouring out all my feelings & emotions, I continue to write this blog as my solace.

       'Window Sill' Blog, I share the world that I look through my window. Travel, Lifestyle, Books, Cinema, Nature and my favorite Bird Watching - anything, I share here..

         Usually we travel a lot, nearest to farther. I always like to put in those experiences with you all. May be it is useful or may not be.  Its nice to do.

About Me :

           Ahila, from Coimbatore. Native of Tirunelveli. Settled long time before in Coimbatore, the Manchester of South India. Finished Engineering in UG, Computer Applications in PG, got another Masters in Applied Psychology, PG Diploma in Psychological Counselling and practicing as Counselling Psychologist in my own firm, Ahil Insight Counselling. 

         I am an Writer & Fine artist by passion. For the past fifteen years, I am writing in both Tamil & English. Novels, Short Novels, Travelogue, Poem collections, Short Story collections, Essays, Biography, Literary Criticism are in my helm. Published fourteen books including one in English and other two as Ebooks. 

          Women empowerment, Motivation & Story Telling are my oratory skills. Making speeches in educational institutions, public forums, media and through webinars. Being a literary critic, I reviewed books in literary meets & conferences. I had done many talk shows in Radio (AIR) on topics of Literature and Psychology.

         As an artist, participated in art shows and women artists art shows. I am a member of Chitrakala Academy, Coimbatore for years.

Awards : 

Arimaa Sakthi award from Tirupur Lions Club (2014)

Best Writer (2016 & 2018) award from Tamilnadu Progressive Writers and Artists Association for my two short story collections, 'Milakaai Metti' & 'Mansatti'

Creative Literature Award in Tamil (2018) from Nerunchi literary Movement for the Biography of my Heart Bypass Surgery penned down in Tamil which is the first heart surgery book written by a woman author in Tamil language. 

Best Book award (2018) for ‘Sammugam’ short novel from Painthamizh Solai Literary Movement. 

Asokamithran Memory Literary Award (2019) was given by Tamilnadu Progressive Art Literary Platform for the short story collection 'Mansatti'.

Feminist Thought Award (2020) was given by Tamilnadu Nursery Primary Matric Higher Secondary Schools Association for my considerable speeches & work in Women Empowerment. 

For Contact : 

D. Ahila, 
Counselling Psychologist,
Ahil Insight Counselling,
Kovaipudur, Coimbatore - 641042
Email : artahila@gmail.com

Happy Blogging

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