Spring in UK

 Spring Season in England

Nearly for the past six years, except the pandemic period, I am visiting UK once in a year. I had penned my travel experiences in Tamil, as a book, 'Englandyil 100 Natkal' (இங்கிலாந்தில் 100 நாட்கள்) in 2019. Those visits were mostly during winter season in UK, falls between September and February. I almost numbing chill during last year's frosty winter. This time I planned to visit UK in Spring & Summer. So I did now..

Spring here has colourful flowering plants like Daisy, Dandelion, Tulip, Daffodil, Primrose, Periwinkle, Birch flowers, Grape Hyacinth, Lily of the Nile, Pineapple Lily and much more. They started sowing/planting seeds/saplings from the February month itself across all grasslands, roadsides and front & back individual gardens. They rightly bloom at the spring time. Spring season is a prelude for Summer. The warmth of sun slowly increases its span. Sun's rays starts as early as 5am and darkens around 9pm. Here they are expecting sun to set around 10.30 or 11pm in the coming months. Its a different experience for me, who is a visitor from India, to view and feel sun around the night time. Long day-time. In winter times, I had already seen the day closes by 3pm in the early evening. 

While walking we could smell the grass's scent and the flowers' aroma around. The green colour has a magnificent role this time. The leaves are so small in size that I guessed the chlorophyll level from the sun reached its limit. Most flowers are very tiny. And most greens are of grass variety. 

Gardening works like pruning, trimming, lawn moving, weeding, raising garden beds are done during these months. The garden waste could not be thrown on a vacant plot, land, roadside like our cities. Here the council collects the waste on every alternate weeks on the given green bag. The grass cut, plants and shrubs pruned are packed up in the garden bag and kept outside. The garden trash truck removes the waste and keeps back the garden waste bag. Its a good system indeed.

During the winter times, I hadn't seen insects like house fly, ants, bees, wasps, mosquitos, snails and others, which we accounted with a high hand with electric bats, repellent, trappers through out the year... I wondered on those times, what a life without the pestering of flies and all. But this time in Spring I noticed the insects one-by-one crawling in the garden. And the carpet beetle, the name beholds it to the carpets are not actually originate from the carpet, but it crawl from the garden into the house and well-settled in the carpets. So pesticides, insecticides are needed ones in these cold countries also. The difference is we in India, the tropical country people need these things round the year, but here in UK, they need at this period of season, as the insects themselves hived themselves inside the soil during the other seasons.  

We have to note one thing here.. that there is no specific rainy period or rainy season here as in our India. So the rains would be there on any season. during this spring season the garden was sometimes wet with the 31% rain or get slushy with 65% rain. 

Some captures of flowers during my walking & in our garden:



Yellow Birch Tree



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