Kaattidaiveli - The Glade

 The Glade


New EBook on Mind & Thoughts in Tamil  

My new ebook about the mind's travel

Thought process is the major concerns of our daily life. It wanders, hops, cries, exclaims, enrages, calms, lingers and all. When we are sitting in solitude or amidst of a large noisy gathering, we let out our thoughts to wander and return back. It is a pleasurable and sometimes gratifying experience. 

When I do this, I enjoyed myself within that cocoon. While walking alone, I experience these feelings as my inner self. Kindly walk alone. It gives you a chat-free atmosphere and a time to rejuvenate yourself in leisure. Travel with me and my mind, nonetheless varies from yours, through this book, 'Kaattidaiveli' (Tamil Edition), which translates into 'The Glade' in English. 

The Glade always has the vibrant and air-filled space amidst the forest. It smoothens over feet with grass and fills our thoughts with fragrance of good. 

Grab the book from Amazon Kindle. Enjoy Reading !!   

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Author Ahila 


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