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Thappad - A View


Slap. Slapping a woman. Slapping a woman by a man. Slapping a wife by the husband. That's the story line. 
When someone asks you to tell the story line, we can have versions of going through the story.  'A man slaps his wife in a bit of anger and there she goes to court'. 'A husband has the right to slap his wife. What's big in that?''For a slap, shall you move to court? Its overreacted.''Sorry.. No Comments.. These Women !'
Like these, the Slap reacts as a Boomerang here in our Indian society. 
A Slap is not as simple as this. A husband's right is proclaimed, more pronounced in the weaker sect of our society. This weaker sect is more in middle class strata of the society, whether its lower or upper middle class. The Slap is beared by many women. When a 'Husband' is drunk or in rage, he slaps his wife, pulls her by her hair, stomps in her stomach and breasts. So here, the Slap is the least physical violence that a 'Wife' …

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