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EBooks are somewhat convenient form of reading. It has a comparative platform with the traditional paperback books. But not equal. While travelling, books form a kind of binding with our hands and eyes. Just half-closed, a finger thrusted in middle of the book, we can see, chat and return to the book where we left. Space occupying in the handbag is the only concern. This is where ebooks play their role. Somewhat I am not fully accustomed to this format.  

My English Book as EBook : 

As I am a writer in both Tamil & English, I am in need of converting my books to the Ebook format. Somewhat I succeeded in converting my Tamil books. 

My English poetry book was published by the Emerald publishers, Chennai. During these Corona Lockdown times they did the ebooks conversion of their published works. On that line, 'I Named The Village' book gets its slot and now for sale in Amazon as ebook also. 

Link :   I Named The Village 

My Tamil EBooks : 

Links : 

1. Milakai Metti (Short Stories) மிளகாய் மெட்டி 

2. Manalil Neenthum Meengal (Feminine Poetry)  மணலில் நீந்தும் மீன்கள் 

3. Mazhaiyidam Mounangal Illai (Rain Poems) மழையிடம் மௌனங்கள் இல்லை

4. Sammugam (Short Novel)  சம்முகம்   

These ebooks are available in Amazon Kindle. My other Tamil books are getting ready in Pustaka website. After completion, I'll post.. 

Enjoy reading books, regardless of their forms.


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