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My Days in London - Day One

First day London 

London is a beautiful and very different city. Like weather report, actual and feel like situations differ with much note. Metropolitan is a less value word for the city. Its much more than that.

People move around you, run over you with no extra sorrys, spill a little latte from their cups, suddenly stop at the bus stops and you feel you are in midst of a noiseless street brimmed with people.

When I arrived on LNER Azuma train from Leeds to London on a pretty rainless afternoon at King's Cross station, it gorgeously welcomed in an airport style with the boards announcing 'departures' & 'arrivals'. People stand in front of the big screen which is nearly to the top of the ceiling. They stand and stand up to their time comes. 

The breakfast, egg & cress, Wensleydale & chutney, oranges, cookies, large cappuccino served in the first class filled the 'no more hunger' thought. 

Little stop over at Stevenage station as a lady being sick. T…