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My Days in London - Day One

First day London 

London is a beautiful and very different city. Like weather report, actual and feel like situations differ with much note. Metropolitan is a less value word for the city. Its much more than that.

People move around you, run over you with no extra sorrys, spill a little latte from their cups, suddenly stop at the bus stops and you feel you are in midst of a noiseless street brimmed with people.

When I arrived on LNER Azuma train from Leeds to London on a pretty rainless afternoon at King's Cross station, it gorgeously welcomed in an airport style with the boards announcing 'departures' & 'arrivals'. People stand in front of the big screen which is nearly to the top of the ceiling. They stand and stand up to their time comes. 

The breakfast, egg & cress, Wensleydale & chutney, oranges, cookies, large cappuccino served in the first class filled the 'no more hunger' thought. 

Little stop over at Stevenage station as a lady being sick. T…

Travel To England From Tamilnadu

Flight, At Start..Ahila

Planes appear small, when we see from the ground, when we are little girls and boys, when we are not having a single chance of seeing the plane in the airway, taking off or landing down. After we had grown up, we see, feel how big it is, travel, walk within that, hand shake with the pilot, smile, chat with air hostesses, stewards, but still we awe or urged to come out of our work or study, whenever we hear the sound of a plane flying outside or when we look the trail of smoke from a jet plane. Myself also sit in the same position of all. While I was in school, I ran out of my class to see the aeroplane flying. I peek with my slanting neck, through the kitchen window when I was cooking. I imagine the plane which is making sound 'zinggg..' over the building while I was occupied in work. These things come naturally to everyone as we are addicted to our interests. It wont change as we ages. Habits which was formed or developed during early years of life most…