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Part II

Angiography is a radiographical imaging of blood vessels by injecting a radio opaque dye. When the physician written for a angiogram, I prepared my mind to go through. 

I was asked to remove my jewels. Handled all to my husband and looked at him. He was also worried but smiled and said, ' its just a test. Ellaam sariyaagidum.. (All will be Ok).' I always feel a sense of danger behind this type of his statements. I spoke to my son in chennai. Thinking it as a simple test, he asked me to proceed, 'onnum irukkaathu.. (Nothing bad, results).' 
Now I am in hospital bed, waiting for the people to take angiography for me. The nurse asked to wear the blue hospital gown. She tried to put razor on my right hand wrist. I asked the reason. Its where the physician will inject the dye which passes through the arteries to show the deformities in blood circulation. 'I have to remove hair from your thigh also, its an alternative,' she told. She did her work patiently and s…

Me & My Heart Bypass Surgery

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG)
Part I

Almost everyone have heard about the heart bypass surgery, but not everyone experienced it. Our near and dear ones, went into this traumatic period and lived after ten years with happy smiles.
Just like you all, I also heard the words, 'heart surgery', 'bypass surgery', 'angiogram', 'stent', but not a single time i imagined myself will be into this.

As myself a writer and authored five books (poems & short story collections) in Tamil, I intended to pen down my story in surgery after twenty days of surgery. Almost finished, the book in Tamil will be released in few months.
I am so eager to write it in English, here in my blog I started with this. In this series, I am going to write my experiences, fears, thoughts, myths about the corollary bypass surgery, I underwent. Maybe one or other person can benefit from this.
Moreover, there is another special, I am a woman, who went through this surgery. There are few…