My Gut Feeling..

Gut Feeling..

My gut feeling about everything in life is worked out with 90 percent success. I was in wonder when this gut feeling slipped for my gut itself.  

We all know about Endoscopy, which is looking inside a body for medical reasons using an instrument called endoscope. Endoscope is a flexible tube, having a lens and light at one end and directly inserted into our body through the mouth. It is used to investigate the stomach ailments.

My gut feelings always talk bad about this endoscopy. First I have to tell my story of why I felt like that and averted this endoscopy test for two long years. 

Before two years, when I was food poisoned (as I think so) by eating in an eatery in Nungambakkam, I vomited till my stomach emptied. There the story starts. I went to a famous Gastroenterologist, who always has a battalion of followers, ie., assistants around him. 

Preliminary was done by one of his juniors. Then the chief examined the note, not me, that his junior passed to him. Then asked a few questions to my hubby where he is working and discussed his nature of work. Then he checked me with his steth and asked his junior to scribble some medications and referred straight for the Endoscopy...

There the evil lives, I thought. I heard many stories from my friends, relatives and all. All is not well. 

My sister told me, 'after endoscopy, a throbbing pain will be there in the throat and you cant eat for two days, but dont worry.. carry on..'
My close friend told me, 'dont do that. its a waste of money. we can manage by holding a diet..' But she took the test a year ago. 
Advice !!!..
My Hubby, 'inserting a tube inside the way..'

I feared of dreaming in nights as a long tube being thrusted into my mouth and it twirls inside my stomach like a giant anaconda. So I avoid Endoscopy altogether.

Whenever I fell sick in these two years, I just alter my diet plan. And after my stomach gets charged, I will return back to my oily foods. I didnt realise that I am making a grave mistake. 

At last, when my stomach rejects anything that I put into my mouth, including coffee (thats my favorite), I stepped into the shoes of Endoscopy. 

With open minded, what else I can do, I entered the endoscopy section. There is a child too, whose mother detailed the nearby, that he is not taking any, spicy food. Ok, I told to myself. A small boy can take the test, why not I?

In empty stomach, I was said to lay on an examining table. Near to me three white coated men and a nurse present. One tall man with a beard, detailed about the machine that stood like a little giant beside him, in the malayalam ascent. 

'It will take only two minutes'
'Dont touch this tube'
'I'll spray a liquid which numbs your throat, that will make the passing easy. And you can swallow'
'Open your mouth and keep this round inside, thru which i can insert the tube'

He just sprayed the medicine into my mouth. Somewhat it tasted bitter. And he is still talking to divert the attention of fear, he saw in my eyes. And I know that and still listening. The nurse inserted the round and I have to bite it. He suddenly thrusted the tube and it enter my throat like roller ball. I thudded a minute. And teardrops rolled down my cheeks. 

My involuntary action is grabbing the tube to pull it out. He is saying, 'I told you, not to touch this'. Then I know why that instruction was dictated to me in the first stage. He is asking me to swallow the tube. How can I? But I did. Then no more violence.

He slid it and then told me that he is coming out now and pulled the tube out. Again its a thud, but this time I am used to it. Finished he said. Only two minutes..After that numbness had gone, no pain in my throat and all.

My earlier gut feeling about this test had failed me. Foolishly I waited for two long years to do this test and I severed my illness to an extremity. 

Simply I walked out and now I know when & where to allow my gut to speak !!!..


  1. நீங்கள் விவரித்ததைப் பார்த்தால் வேதனையாக இருக்கிறது. நலம் பெற வாழ்த்துகள்.

  2. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.


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