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My Gut Feeling..

Gut Feeling..

My gut feeling about everything in life is worked out with 90 percent success. I was in wonder when this gut feeling slipped for my gut itself.  

We all know about Endoscopy, which is looking inside a body for medical reasons using an instrument called endoscope. Endoscope is a flexible tube, having a lens and light at one end and directly inserted into our body through the mouth. It is used to investigate the stomach ailments.

My gut feelings always talk bad about this endoscopy. First I have to tell my story of why I felt like that and averted this endoscopy test for two long years. 

Before two years, when I was food poisoned (as I think so) by eating in an eatery in Nungambakkam, I vomited till my stomach emptied. There the story starts. I went to a famous Gastroenterologist, who always has a battalion of followers, ie., assistants around him. 
Preliminary was done by one of his juniors. Then the chief examined the note, not me, that his junior passed to him. Then asked a …