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Facebook 2 - Enjoy...But Be Between Boundaries...

Its pretty well to talk about the famous social network as it already started biting its teeth on our Indian culture. 

Using the network for exposing our talents and skills is the best choice that we have, than other more promotions. But as we Indians gave a late entry to this network and, as always, our initial start is in a more vibrant and exaggeration mode, we use this entertainment factor for jublicating our freedom. 

Both genders are here as they say in simple way, for relaxation and then addiction becomes the appropriate word that kills their reality. They are not able break themselves from its clutch.  

Men & Girls...

Middle aged men here always act like buddhas. They pity the young girls and called them as daughter. Here in fb, always happens a relationship-breakup for these girls. When they were battered by this break, these men step in and do comfort and comfort. 

The loser girl doesn't know that the broken relationship is better than these deceitful men. Once she breaks…