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Three Days Visit to Singapore...

Plans and Arrangements for 
Singapore Visit...

Singapore is a south east asian island country comprises of 63 islands.  In 1963 it got its independence from the British and seperated from Malaysia as a single nation in 1965. It is the world's fourth leading financial centre.
It has four official languages : English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. 

We stayed there in Marina Bay Sands - Skypark Hotel...The world's most expensive standalone casino cum hotel, fronting the Marina bay of Singapore....It has the infinity pool at the top 57th floor where the guests staying in the hotel can use...

I and my hubby and son....from Chennai, planned to tour Singapore city in three days without going for travel packages, as they restrict our own time of enjoying of places. But the work we have to do becomes a Himalayan heap....Referred the trip site's reviews, wormed thru so many forums and at last chart out the programs for three days, indeed heavily packed as you guess.... 

Tour Plan for Singapore :
Day 1 : 

Singapore flyer, Duct Boat Ride, Botanical Gardens in the morning...
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and China Town shopping in the evening...

As we want to have a total overview of the city at first, we booked for the Flyer and the Boat ride on Day 1 itself. The single Duct Boat ride covers the city by road and slides into the riverand happily sailing...

Day 2 :

Sentosa Island, Universal Studios in the morning...

Night Safari in the evening...

Day 3 :

Garden By the Bay, Singapore National Museum, Little India shopping....

Evening to airport.... 

Do's and Dont's
  • We checked for the timings and attractions available in their respective websites
  • Booked the tickets online for the must see attractions from here itself as to avoid long queue... many forums told that no more than 45 minutes will take to get the tickets in person. but we opted to go for online tickets. 
  • For the night safari, there is no online booking available from India. We booked it on the first day of arrival in Singapore. so no problem on seeing things....
  • For the museum, go in the free timings from 6pm to 8pm, as we can reduce the money spent.
  • Take some Singapore Dollars, nearly SGD 1000. Get it when the exchange rate is low....
  • Take light clothes, so it may reduce luggage weight. 
  • Have a small torch with you for night safari, but dont flash it in search of animals as they pose danger to you. 
  • Have a mosquito repellent during night safari.... 
  • Have a small water bottle as in some places one bottle costs around SGD 15. Tap water is safe there. We can fill it wherever we go. 

I update the brief of each day with photos in the next one...

To Be Continued....


  1. very nice clicks ... must say .. specially the last one of sentosa island ... stumbled upon on your blog via Indiblogger and a first timer on your blog... loved it very much as well.. :) Happy Blogging !!

    1. thanq...for reading and for posting comments...

  2. Singapore is great to visit and enjoy. if you have decided to go out for vacations than Singapore is delicious one.

  3. Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon every day.
    Matt Levine

  4. Total expenses is how many u spent this travel

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