Three Days Visit to Singapore - Third Day...

Third Day Visit...

Third day we took Singapore's MRT...train service. The silence, cleanliness, no vendors, no track crossing....We Indians copied the prototype and technicalities and built it here, but not their cleanliness. As our country is heavily populated, we people have to take steps to keep our environment clean.  

There the people respect and obey the rules. Obedience is the matter here. We teach our children obedience only to be followed in home and school, but not at public places. Leave them just free in our home and teach them how to behave in public.  

Ok...Back to tour....We went to visit the National Museum of Singapore. 

National Museum of Singapore

It has the Living Gallery and the History Museum. Both are charged. But the Living Gallery is free from 6 to 8 pm. Guided tours are also available. 
There are exhibitions and programs. check in advance. 

Little India

You cannot resist going to Little India, where once tamil immigrants reside under British colonial Singapore. Now it where Indian people live in leisure and behave also as such. They cross the roads like we do in our country...taking law in our side. Temples, Church, Mosques, Gurdwara, Shops (Mustafa Center, Tekka Mall), Hotels (Ananda Bhavan to Sankranti, Saravana Bhavan)...all are here. 


  1. Singapore surely is one of the cleanest country I've visited and the people are so cool, helpful at all times. I'll drop by Little India next time I get the chance to visit Singapore again.

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