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Three Days Visit to Singapore - First Day...

First Day Visit

Duck Boat Ride

This boat comprises of two types of transport in touring by road and by water. Got the combined ticket at Singapore Flyer, Raffles Avenue for both the Flyer and the duck tour. It starts from there travels thru the roads with bumpy ride and enter the water with a splash at Clarke Quay. 

Visit Duck & Hippo and Enjoy...

We can see the whole Marina Bay of Singapore and its highly architectural valued buildings by choosing this ride. Dont miss it. Capture the great Merlion statue, which is a mythical creature has fish body and lion head stands tall at the mouth of the Singapore river. 

Singapore Flyer 

This giant Ferris wheel has 28 air conditioned capsules. As we went on a working day, it is people-free and lucky to get a capsule for us only. The city is viewable from here as a whole, the roads, gardens, Marina street circuit of the F1 race tracks and so on....

There are many restaurants in that Raffles Avenue and sea foods are plenty in availability. Vegetarians has to suffer a little in this city. Only one option is available with naan roti, dhal, pickle, vegetable saute, papad and rice....

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple 

Being a fan of Buddha, I was amazed to see that these people in East Asia worship Him as God. In India we think that the Buddhism is a religion and Buddha as its founder. Incense sticks are lit with prayers. Buddha has various avatars as our Hindu god and goddess have. 

The temple's name signifies the canine tooth of Buddha which was got from his pyre has a long history. 

Read the history from this link....
Relic of the tooth of the Buddha

China Town

Just a nice place to shop the souvenirs, gifts and goods of all sorts. In this Chinatown, there is a road which has eateries on both sides. During day its a road and when its evening the road is blocked and it becomes a place to dine. The chinese and malaysian sea foods are available here.  

To be continued...


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