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Attacks of 26/11 - Movie Review

Attacks of 26/11

Cast & Crew Director: Ram Gopal Varma Producer: Ram Gopal Varma , Parag Sanghavi Music Director: Rooshin Dalal , Amar Mohile , Vishal R Khosla , Sushil R Khosla Lyricst: Irshad Kamil , Jaspreet Jasz , Liaqat Jafri Cast : Nana Patekar, Sanjeev Jaiswal, Ashish Bhatt, Atul Kulkarni

The film has the plot based on the attacks in Mumbai from 26th November 2008 to 29th November 2008 that terrorize our country India killing 164 people and wounding nearly 300. We all know the facts and the figures of those incidents from newspapers and media.
The film shows the narration of the incidents that took place on that night by the Joint Commissioner of Police before an investigating Committee. Then it shows a series of flashbacks that picturizes the events which started from the shooting in Leopold Café of that night.
The ten young men from Karachi, Pakistan travelled by sea, hijacked the Indian fishing trawler  'Kuber', killed the crew of four, then forced the captain to sail t…

A Visit to Vivekananda House, Chennai

150th Birth Year Celebration 

The great Hindu Monk Swamy Vivekananda who introduces our Hindu ideologies of Vedanta and Yoga to the western world. His speech at Parliament of World's Religions at the Art Institute of Chicago on 11th September 1893. On that stage he introduced our nation India and its great heritage to the world with his inspirational speech. 

This year they celebrate his 150th Birthyear celebration as a year long process. In Chennai Vivekanandar Illam started the celebrations from 27th of February. The house is situated on the Beach Road (now Kamarajar Salai) in Ice House. 
Vivekanandar Illam (Tamil: விவேகானந்தர் இல்லம்) (or Vivekananda House, also called Ice House (Tamil: ஐஸ் ஹவுஸ்), Castle Kernan, etc.) is a structure at Chennai,India, used by the British to store ice brought from Great Lakes in North America for about 30 years.Ice King Frederic Tudor built an ice house at Madras facing the Bay of Bengal in 1842 as part of his ice business. Around 1880, the busines…