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Three Days Visit to Singapore - Third Day...

Third Day Visit...
Third day we took Singapore's MRT...train service. The silence, cleanliness, no vendors, no track crossing....We Indians copied the prototype and technicalities and built it here, but not their cleanliness. As our country is heavily populated, we people have to take steps to keep our environment clean.  

There the people respect and obey the rules. Obedience is the matter here. We teach our children obedience only to be followed in home and school, but not at public places. Leave them just free in our home and teach them how to behave in public.  

Ok...Back to tour....We went to visit the National Museum of Singapore. 

National Museum of Singapore

It has the Living Gallery and the History Museum. Both are charged. But the Living Gallery is free from 6 to 8 pm. Guided tours are also available. 
There are exhibitions and programs. check in advance. 

Three Days Visit to Singapore - Second Day...

Second Day Visit

Next day we started for the Sentosa island. We planned for a bus ride and enjoyed it. The island have so many attractions where we planned to see the SEA Aquarium first.

Universal Studios
It has so many rides, Transformers Ride, Jurassic Park, Shrek, Madagascar Ride, etc., Plan well for the rides. The Studio Tour showcases the Behind-The-Scenes of the Hollywood movies built with the consultation from Steven Speilberg. It is so exciting to watch and a must see show...

Night Safari

We can trail the wild life in its natural surroundings by riding in the tram. And the animal show that is conducted by the animals like hyenas, raccoons, python is extraordinary. The Fire show and the walking trails by which we can go thru the wild path are all wonders. 
Enjoyed the splendid varieties in Ben & Jerry's...

Three Days Visit to Singapore - First Day...

First Day Visit

Duck Boat Ride

This boat comprises of two types of transport in touring by road and by water. Got the combined ticket at Singapore Flyer, Raffles Avenue for both the Flyer and the duck tour. It starts from there travels thru the roads with bumpy ride and enter the water with a splash at Clarke Quay. 

Visit Duck & Hippo and Enjoy...

We can see the whole Marina Bay of Singapore and its highly architectural valued buildings by choosing this ride. Dont miss it. Capture the great Merlion statue, which is a mythical creature has fish body and lion head stands tall at the mouth of the Singapore river. 

Singapore Flyer 

This giant Ferris wheel has 28 air conditioned capsules. As we went on a working day, it is people-free and lucky to get a capsule for us only. The city is viewable from here as a whole, the roads, gardens, Marina street circuit of the F1 race tracks and so on....

There are many restaurants in that Raffles Avenue and sea foods are plenty in availability. Vegetaria…