The Experience...

Boarding the train from Chennai I made myself comfortable. And the ticket checker came and started checking the tickets. He being a smart young man checked the tickets in a jiff. I just had my ticket on mobile. He didn’t get the mobile from me to verify the ticket. Just had my ID and note it down. I thought its okay….I hadn’t guessed at that time that I have to open my message inbox at least four times during the journey.

He left the compartment. After sometime he came and started counting the heads as conductors do in route buses. He then left. Again he did the same thing with checking the tickets here and there. This happens for the fifth time. Some passengers enquired him what is the matter. He didn’t answer, but smiled shyly.

After 10 minutes he returned with another black coat TTE, a senior one this time. That person started checking and this chap moved here and there with some thinking. After the senior finished almost three fourths of the bogi he rushed to him and said in a loud voice, ’I found out where it went wrong…’ and smiled sheepishly. The senior gave the chart to him with a grin.

Almost 15 minutes gone. He returned with the chart in his hands. This time the passengers had a more concerned look. One man asked him, ‘have you not sort it out?....do you need any help from me?...’. This young chap waved and said,’ no…not necessary….i sorted…I came here to thank you all for the cooperation. Thanks….’

We all smiled with a relief as if we had done the job. The air of tension that he had made us feel for the past one hour is gone. The way he came again to thank us all shows his attitude.  

These young people who are novice in a work give an experience of it to all who are near to them. So next time when you encounter a fellow like him, try to help and learn the job a bit from that…..

True, I feel TTE…


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