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Facebook 1....

And Our Indian Women

Word of Thanks
I am so thankful for my agonized women friends who asked and helped me in writing this article. I believe this would certainly helps our women to balance in the social network to some extent.

Indian Women
Indian women, had a definite pattern of living and a very stringent culture of not being out with other men after they got married, whether they are educated or an earning member. For the past one decade, we had seen change in behavioral pattern of our college girls, influenced by the western culture. They love, like or lie down and go well with any other person on earth. The social sites trap these girls into this current, that they are not able to adjust with their partners after the nuptial knot. They compare their men with the other male friends in their network. Many marriages end well in the court. 

If these are all known facts, what is the necessity for writing this article?....Leaving young girls, we beckon the women in their 40s and 50s to define their role in the net world. I know this will anger some. But I cant help.

FaceBook as Slam Book...
The past ten years had seen the upliftment and also the morality declination of the working women. Now it gets worse but the tables turn around to find the housewives in their mids entrap in this situation because of the internet connectivity and the social sites like FaceBook etc., The women social organizations usually wear the Seetha Devi attire to tackle the issues with the menfolk. But the real scenario among the urban women is far more worse. So dealing matter at this early stage is worth a penny. Facebook is used by them as their Slam book. 

Women in their Mids
Women at this age must be aware of their social stigma, their wards and their agility. They must develop some leanings before entering FB and must have a good balance over their emotions. If you cant control yourself, you will sure be in a devastating mode, just speeding down in the jet way. 

One fb friend of mine told me that she is regularly doing yoga and  that routine keeps her temperamental changes under control. She also told that there in the yoga class she picked up another man. So what is the use in going for yoga. Some willpower will do to control this second nature of the people.

Bold and Beautiful
We all know that in real world talking with confidence makes us face the menfolk boldly. Beware of some men who had innate liking for this type of women. They fall for The Bold and The Beautiful....In FB, these confident women bowed down to their counterparts in relationships as these are underlined as secrets.  


Take the case of Facebook. Here the on and offline chatting is so popular by opening so many windows and chat with young and old at a time. One fb friend told me that she just got mixed with the names in the chat windows, so that from the next time she manages to call them as dear, darling, pa, their male counterparts' improvised the methods had become. 

These things are all happening in our culture stricken India and that too among our Seetha Devis. I heard from the old dust that once the then Prime Minister Nehru, while taking census, asked the women to give their names instead of giving by their wards like ram's ma, geetha's amma...Now who will save us? 

Many women are falling prey to this chatting mania. First falling for one relationship, after the love, hate, sleep, sex, split...they return back to the pavilion, losing the battle. They almost cry during the whole period of relationship because they knew the men is not with them only...he is a bloody chatting guy. But their mind insists in going to them again and again, as you see the movie villain has so many gf s surrounding him. 

Some women get interested in young boys make the grave mistake of spoiling a generation. These boys first call you by sister or aunty or ma, pa, or daringly some by names and most of all dear. These ladies in their 40s or 50s, enjoy it to the extreme. They exchange kisses to tits  in the chat itself...poor hubbies...who knows they may have a different history. 

Mostly the women in 50s easily fall prey to these boys. and if possible they share beds with them...what a shameful attitude....Once upon a time, we just turn our face when the google returns illegal relationship for the search results of 'mom and son' they are in real, but not the true mom and sons, look alike...

These boys convince the mid-age ones by telling their love failure or absence/sickness of his better half....that gives the clue that they want you. These melodramas cause these women to pity them. Good Lads and Ladies of FB...

The call by the Sivaraj Vaithiar of Siddha Medicine in Tamil TV Channels for these young ones are really worth. In future, he may also add the facebook to be one of the reasons for their impotency. Who Knows?...

If you are in a relationship 
If a woman gets into a relationship she has only him in her mind. Her normal sex life got badly affected. But if a man has, he can satisfy himself with his wife and do with others also. They cheat these poor women. 

Ladies whether they belong to most civilized countries or lesser ones, they cant cope up with this situation. They take these relationships to head and heart. Because these ladies are now common in our society, with the backup/aid of this social sites, we determine to bring them out of this stigma. 

Tackling Your Daily Grinds in FB
  • Balance everything like our opposite genders do. Remove the emotional quotient from your mind. It will help you better to balance. 
  • Dont push one man into yourself. Keep a clear head. 
  • Treat all as your friends, not your bf s. This will give a lighter mind.
  • Dont go into sexual or vulgar slang with them. 
  • Dont share your photos with them. 
  • Usually a monosyllable (ya, k, mmm) can do better during chat. 
  • You should keep one thing for sure in mind, they are never better than your husband in managing you. 
  • Mainly women longs for friendship within a relationship. Dont expect him to kajol you always which's highly impossible as he is a Dasarathan by himself. 
  • Learn from him one thing that he never let down his life partner in any matters. But these women share every matters about their husbands with them and totally get trapped by them. 
  • How the other gender becomes so brilliant on this earth, why we, the women, born as blockheads. Think about this. 
  • Women have to stop the intense urge for the men and falling for them blindly. Manage as they do. 
  • When they use the technology in their stride, we must also upbeat the other gender. 

A Good Word
End a Relationship

You look Beautiful...
now I look Beautiful
~  Anonymous 

Relationships are not best suited for our Indian mindset. We preach the world the principle of the joint family with its closely woven threads of our tradition. Touch and feel those things which reminds our culture and be belong to India till our last breath.

Keep Friendships and not Relationships


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