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Anna Hazare - Reviving Gandhi

Anna Hazare episode which once marched on the Raj Path, now dragging along the sidewalks.
                The 'Team Anna' committee discussing about their panel's suspension / core's disbanding is an indication of failure. Pressure from the Government makes them to act so. Corruption in India is a well-rooted one. One cannot escape from its clutches. Same for those in the Team Anna also.  No one can give a clean chit here. People wont expect that also. You can't eradicate corruption fully from the grass root. Clean the top level first . From top the pyramid will flow down to the bottom.   

 In this phase, resignation by two of its members is not a solution. Like Kejriwal's NGO putting 80% of Team's funds into its pocket or Kiran Bedi overcharging her tour organizers for her air trips. One way or other they fall prey for this corruption plague. If Hazare replace those who are charged now by new ones, they also have or had indulge themselves in this type of pra…