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Chennai Revisited

Chennai, Capital city of TamilNadu is cool in some ways and hot in many....Here you love the rush, smartness, shopping, expensive cars, premium rejuvenate and refresh, and crave for life. And the way people talk, walk and laugh mesmerize you. Style and elegance of Ethiraj girls brings back your age. 

Star Bazaar, Life Style, Landmark, Odyssey - each one demand something out of you. Rising floors in apartments dazzle you.You pine for the aroma of fresh cookies and glistening drapes in malls and multiplexes. Tasty Saravana Bhavan, Hot Anjappar, Karaikudi, Sangeetha, Hot Chips...fills your zest. All comes with a tag...but not silence...  

The pollution - noise, air, water pave the road for luxurious hospitals (luxurious - for them, not for you). Breezy sea in the evening beach brings you some zing with intolerably smelly fried fish. No birds except pigeons...because of the high-rise buildings. Being a Coimbatorian, I love quite, calm nature. Staying here for long, for sure I…