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I got a message from one of my friends in a social networking site. "I think you are an independent lady"
                          What is in it so might wonder. Ya...its a wonder here in India... I am an Independent artist, well educated, blogging and busy networking... I accept, but not an independent lady. You no need to be independent to do these things. Each and every turn in my life  depend on my family. I am happy about that. I give more preference to my family than myself. Sacrifice makes you remember. History teaches us. How sacrifices made by the leaders, civilians, revolutionists, comrades, protagonists and so many lead us to live a comfortable, civilized life.
                             Dependability and Sharing are the two main aspects of our Indian culture. Some incidents shows that dependability turns to be regular house violence. Here lies the truth. What percentage of dependability you has in your household. That makes the difference. You women blindly defend your spouses on most occasions. Doing so, they take the liberty of your rights and claims. Give them a check in private. They will understand 'not to exceed the limits' message. 
                       For that you must be well equipped. Have a knowledge. Struggle for education. At least end up with a degree. For equipping yourself, you dont need a job. Give yourself some sort of self employment. Dont calculate or go behind the Earnings. Most of us do that. Once you start some earnings, you work hard to gain more. Be Buddha in this matter... Our male part can do that. Give importance to the family and children. Make you an indispensable central part of this cocoon.   

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.

Jane Howard"Families" 
                        Its a joy. If you start enjoying this freedom, why you go for more. You are having your space and he is having his space. Some feminists may argue, who are they(men) to give our freedom. I am asking who are we(women0 to snatch their freedom. Its an equal partnership. A man and wife have to balance. Its a nice bond.
                       I know in many households, who holds the main key, ladies. They exceed their limit or take away their spouse's freedom. Mostly in many middle class families, this is the reality. In low income group, why there is so much of violence...drinking, thrashing, and murdering...because of their less knowledge. There is always the male part becomes stronger than their women though they earn and contribute to their family. Educate yourself, ladies and educate your siblings and children, no gender bias. The next generation will be more civilized. 
And now, my friend, you got it right....


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