Mr & Mrs Smith(2005)

                           Recently I came across the cinema review of Mr & Mrs Smith of 2005 release - Tamil dubbed version on a Tamil channel . I pondered how I missed the movie. Because its cast includes Brad Pitt, the handsome guy and Angelina Jolie, my favorite gorgeous star. I downloaded this film and watched. 

                        Totally an action comedy.Not much impressive story line. A bored married couple of six years (In our country, India, it will take two decades to get bored) who were professional assassins, unknown of others' work. Good comedy...But they both cover it up by their charms. 
                      Brad Pitt, who was in smile all through the film (whether it is a serious scene or otherwise), gives me the confidence of the good ending of the movie. But for his charming charisma, I forgive him. Angelina Jolie, Wow ...she is hot and cool in fully covered up costume also(Remember? 'Original Sin' with Antonio Banderas)....
Time passed wonderfully watching the beautiful stars as the cute couple....


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