'And Thereby Hangs a Tale' By Jeffrey Archer

This book 'And Thereby Hangs a Tale' by JA (Jeffrey Archer) contains 15 short stories. Each one has its own wine. JA's touch is there in every tale that he told. 

Pretty good smile we put up, when we finish reading 'The Queen's Birthday Telegram'. Such a good short story. But the same thing is not there with 'Members only', where a small boy gets a golf ball as Christmas gift and started a liking for the game and of course it changed his life, for he wants to be the member of the most prestigious "The Royal Jersey Golf Club' and ended up as the President of that club. nicely narrated. But it wont fit into the short story slot. If JA had written this one as a novel, I 'd sure of voting it to be the Best.

Same thing happens once again in reciprocative way, when we come across the tale 'High Heels'. My opinion is first of all the plot is not wholly detective. Secondly, the one-line story is dragged with some difficulty to add this to the short story category.

'Double-Cross', the title tells the tale.  A thief is outwitted by another one, who carries out the plan hatched by a thoughtful detective, helps to break down the case of finding the stolen diamonds. The way JA narrates this one is worthy of reading.

Only 5 pages...not that.. exactly telling, four and quarter...'Blind Date' it sits in my mind. Such a good laugh I had at the end.

'Stuck on You' (bubble gum plays the main..)
'Where there is a will' (cheating nurse..time matters)
'A Good Eye' (more like reforming)
'I will Survive' (a look-alike story)  and more...
'No room at the Inn' (you can guess it correct...seductive receptionist who sleeps with the customers in her  room by saying 'no rooms are available')

And at the last 'And thereby hangs a tale'...purely a Indian sub continent story and ends up in our own cultural  style - love lasts whatever happens to your life partner (கல்லானாலும் கணவன், புல்லானாலும் புருஷன் as the tamil proverb goes..)

Oh... I finished reading a book. My night time book reading habit had been disappeared for the past few months. By reading this book I revived my pastime. Thanks to JA 's 'And thereby hangs a tale'.

Next in line is 'The Coloured Bangles and other stories' by Saloni Narang.


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