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Thirunelveli - Spread Smile

                    Thirunelveli city, by itself speaks a volume. People here are hard working, studious but not liberal in thoughts and joyous in nature.     
                     Three months before it was Chennai to establish myself a home in a service apartment. Now it's Thirunelveli. So much difference between a metro(Chennai) and a booming city(Thirunelveli).
                      In Chennai, you can get whatever service (AC, Geyser, TV, System, Washing Machine, Fridge, Cot) you want for rent. But here, it's not possible. You can't get a fully furnished house at a reasonable rate. One or two available at Perumalpuram, that too at a higher rate. 
                     I am in need of  a System and an AC. My hubby got annoyed when everyone replied that there is no such practice. I suggest him to tell the rental amount and pave a way for the new business. At last he arranged. I think I am the first one in this town to get the household items for rent.
System : Rs 1000 per month
AC      : Rs 1000 (Cheaper than Chennai Rs 1200 for split and Rs 800 for window).
                     Next a Servant maid. Got one. She asked for 400 bucks(In Chennai 800 bucks, Maids in Chennai). She has no cell phone. But her husband, an auto driver has. She was reluctant to give the number. She told me that she would ask his permission as he is always in barking mood. A wife afraid of her man... nowadays uncommon  to see such people. I left the matter. After two days she came up with the number and requested me not to contact between 6 am and 11 pm (that's his duty time). She is obedient and good to her man, but she mumbles that he won't give importance to her work. She also contributes an amount to her house. I know the men here. In Thirunelveli and Kanyakumari district, men always wear their Ego attire.  

                   Then here a night watchman for this Rehmath Nagar (Gurkha). My hubby who is here for just 4 months, paid him with Rs 100 when the watchman approached him. Already he had given 300 rupees to that man. After I arrived here he came one morning in this first week and asked for his collection. I unaware of the previous episodes already running, told my hubby that I'll ask the neighbours and pay him tomorrow. My hubby always being generous and easily pitiable towards these people, asked me to pay 100. 
                    After these long years living in quarters and apartments, I never ever paid such an amount to the watchman. So I gave him 50 rupees. He immediately snorted back at me  "50 தானா?" (50 only?). Next day I verified with my neighbour. She told me that it's 15 bucks. You can guess how I feel. He is cheating my better half in the best way. Where goes the honesty within us?  Next time when he comes I sure of telling him to be honest with others. 

                    Yesterday I went to Arasan sweets for buying some snacks. I talked casually to the boy who took orders from me and thanked him also. He asked me,' you are not from here?'. I asked him, why he is asking. His reply came as a shock for me. He told me, ' here ladies won't talk casually. they are always being grim. I think, if they talk their husbands will scold them'. He is wrong in one matter. I also know these ladies, their mind always think about the money they save and invest, and the gold they buy. They have no time to enjoy simple joys in life.
                     For whom you are earning ignoring your happiness? You can easily spot so many lady teachers from this area throughout Tamilnadu and in Gulf too. Men are also mostly like these women - money minded. Talk to any woman from this region, if she has daughters, she speaks about the gold ornaments. If she has sons, speaks about the investment in real estate. In all the household, you can see them investing atleast 1000 bucks per month to a real estate agent. One lady insists me in investing with one such agent, as they are more reliable and no cheating so far happened in this region.

                     Money is not everything. Please change your attitude. Save, but enjoy the life by giving a smile and getting it back from others. 

Spread Smile


  1. Thirunelveli has its own beauty and it will never get decreased...

  2. I agree with you. I think you are from here. My native is here. No changes in peoples' attitude, they remain the same...getting maximum dowry, seerr, seethanam etc,..

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