Hot Hot Thirunelveli

                          Thirunelveli always remains hot like its Halwa from the  hot plates of Shanthi Sweets. Apart from its scorching climate, this city has changed its face to lookalike a mini metro. Has all leading textile showrooms, branded watches, cars. You can see the fashion hooked guys and gals on shops, casual wearing men and women on Sunday morning, pizzas, chocolate fondue and burgers in Arasan Sweets.
                 But its old fashioned streets with crowded, little houses and small pathways( 'sandhu' or 'mudukku') leading to another set of houses behind the first ones. The old architectural form is preserved well in this city. 
                        The famous Palayamkottai Jail, Palayamkottai Railway station, slightly modernized Perumalpuram, Nellaiappar temple, St. Xavier's College(where my father studied), Hindu College(where my father-in-law studied), STC  - Sarah Tucker College (where I studied from baby class to std.III and girls in our family finished their schooling and college here, so its our family school) all stands there as monuments. 
                       But its people and their mentality remain the same like its climate. The same old gossips among the ladies, ego and male chauvinism among the men, young ones following their elders in the matters of religion, caste, community and what's more...clashes and casualties.
                                                                                                    .....more to come


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