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Happy New Year

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H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R 

Congress Quirks Team Anna

Lokpal Bill

Lokpal Bill is passed amidst protests. BJP accepts for the discussion that to be carried on December 27th.

You think all went well...not certainly. This bill is not the same one that Team Anna prescribed. And this is not what Team Anna aimed...

The Lokpal Bill passed has maintained CBI's independence as of now and quoted Lokpal as a cognizant agent, not an investigative agent for the complaints made by the public. One consideration give to Team Anna's proposal is Group A,B,C,D cadre Govt. employees will come under Lokpal, that too with an exemption that C & D cadre come under Central Vigilance. Lokpal Bill also excempted PM from its clutches in matters of External Affairs, National Security, Atomic Energy as these are sensitive arenas. Lokpal has the famous Indian Quota system also. Five out of Nine members must be SC/ST/OBC/Women/Minorities... 

These things we already knew and having in our constitution.  Then what for we need such a new constitutional body like L…

One Night @ The Call Center - A Glimpse

one night @ the call center
Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat, the best selling author of these books - Five Point Someone, 2 States, The 3 Mistakes of My Life And One Night @ The Call Center. He is an internationally proclaimed author and the best-selling English-Language novelist. Good...He pen down this book One Night @ The Call Center.
And this time out of IIT/IIM, his own cocoon or territory. He reasoned it out in the prologue of this book. Believable....In this one he took the call center job and reigns it well.
This book tells the story of six guys, working in a call center, same bay and coincidentally comes in the same pickup vehicle. The author took the avatar of one of the guys, named Shyam and the story is twined through him. 
Shyam, being a lack of confidence boy, has just missed and got his girlfriend in a cinematic climax. Vroom, passionate for cars (original man stuff) than girls, has a niche for journalism fulfilled his desire in the call center itself towards the end of the sto…

Egret - Walk & Peck In Style

Cattle Egret

               A conspicuous  species, the Cattle Egret has attracted many common names. These mostly relate to its habit of following cattle and other large animals, and it is known variously as cow crane, cow bird or cow heron, or even elephant bird, rhinoceros egret. In Tamil they are known as unni kokku. 

              The Cattle Egret nests in colonies, which are often found around bodies of water. The colonies are usually found in woodlands near lakes or rivers, in swamps, or on small inland or coastal islands, and are sometimes shared with other wetland birds. We found plenty of them during this season in the pond near Sundakkamuthur. 

Egrets, Herons, Peacocks, lovely.....I love bird watching

You can watch this video how egrets Walk & Peck in Style.

Clicks in & around Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari

Thirunelveli and Kanyakumari districts are famous for their temples, churches, festivals, waterfalls, channels, small canals and dam side landscapes. The remnants of age old tradition still make a big way in temple festivals here. Lights, crackers, sincerity in devotion to God (and the accompanying communal clashes) are very famous in these regions.                       Change of seasons is well obvious in these regions. Breezy and cool rainy seasons is a longing one for the people who experience the hot and sweaty summers.  By a casual walk through the green cover (Kallakadu, Mundunthurai, Mancholai, Thiruparappu...), you encounter the wildlife, birds and  many more plants species. These lovely and lively photos are captured in these regions. And also landscape photos from Poompuhar and Kodaikanal.  Credit goes to my husband..... 

Taking (Relaxing) Bath




Goddess at The Top

Goddess in Lights


In Golden
Swamy Vivekananda, Kanyakumari…

Anna Hazare - Reviving Gandhi

Anna Hazare episode which once marched on the Raj Path, now dragging along the sidewalks.
                The 'Team Anna' committee discussing about their panel's suspension / core's disbanding is an indication of failure. Pressure from the Government makes them to act so. Corruption in India is a well-rooted one. One cannot escape from its clutches. Same for those in the Team Anna also.  No one can give a clean chit here. People wont expect that also. You can't eradicate corruption fully from the grass root. Clean the top level first . From top the pyramid will flow down to the bottom.   

 In this phase, resignation by two of its members is not a solution. Like Kejriwal's NGO putting 80% of Team's funds into its pocket or Kiran Bedi overcharging her tour organizers for her air trips. One way or other they fall prey for this corruption plague. If Hazare replace those who are charged now by new ones, they also have or had indulge themselves in this type of pra…

Chennai Revisited

Chennai, Capital city of TamilNadu is cool in some ways and hot in many....Here you love the rush, smartness, shopping, expensive cars, premium rejuvenate and refresh, and crave for life. And the way people talk, walk and laugh mesmerize you. Style and elegance of Ethiraj girls brings back your age. 

Star Bazaar, Life Style, Landmark, Odyssey - each one demand something out of you. Rising floors in apartments dazzle you.You pine for the aroma of fresh cookies and glistening drapes in malls and multiplexes. Tasty Saravana Bhavan, Hot Anjappar, Karaikudi, Sangeetha, Hot Chips...fills your zest. All comes with a tag...but not silence...  

The pollution - noise, air, water pave the road for luxurious hospitals (luxurious - for them, not for you). Breezy sea in the evening beach brings you some zing with intolerably smelly fried fish. No birds except pigeons...because of the high-rise buildings. Being a Coimbatorian, I love quite, calm nature. Staying here for long, for sure I…


I got a message from one of my friends in a social networking site. "I think you are an independent lady"                           What is in it so might wonder. Ya...its a wonder here in India... I am an Independent artist, well educated, blogging and busy networking... I accept, but not an independent lady. You no need to be independent to do these things. Each and every turn in my life  depend on my family. I am happy about that. I give more preference to my family than myself. Sacrifice makes you remember. History teaches us. How sacrifices made by the leaders, civilians, revolutionists, comrades, protagonists and so many lead us to live a comfortable, civilized life.                              Dependability and Sharing are the two main aspects of our Indian culture. Some incidents shows that dependability turns to be regular house violence. Here lies the truth. What percentage of dependability you has in your household. That makes the difference. You wome…

Mr & Mrs Smith(2005)

Recently I came across the cinema review of Mr & Mrs Smith of 2005 release - Tamil dubbed version on a Tamil channel . I pondered how I missed the movie. Because its cast includes Brad Pitt, the handsome guy and Angelina Jolie, my favorite gorgeous star. I downloaded this film and watched. 

                        Totally an action comedy.Not much impressive story line. A bored married couple of six years (In our country, India, it will take two decades to get bored) who were professional assassins, unknown of others' work. Good comedy...But they both cover it up by their charms.                        Brad Pitt, who was in smile all through the film (whether it is a serious scene or otherwise), gives me the confidence of the good ending of the movie. But for his charming charisma, I forgive him. Angelina Jolie, Wow ...she is hot and cool in fully covered up costume also(Remember? 'Original Sin' with Antonio Banderas).... Time passed wonderfully watching the beautiful sta…

'And Thereby Hangs a Tale' By Jeffrey Archer

This book 'And Thereby Hangs a Tale' by JA (Jeffrey Archer) contains 15 short stories. Each one has its own wine. JA's touch is there in every tale that he told. 
Pretty good smile we put up, when we finish reading 'The Queen's Birthday Telegram'. Such a good short story. But the same thing is not there with 'Members only', where a small boy gets a golf ball as Christmas gift and started a liking for the game and of course it changed his life, for he wants to be the member of the most prestigious "The Royal Jersey Golf Club' and ended up as the President of that club. nicely narrated. But it wont fit into the short story slot. If JA had written this one as a novel, I 'd sure of voting it to be the Best.
Same thing happens once again in reciprocative way, when we come across the tale 'High Heels'. My opinion is first of all the plot is not wholly detective. Secondly, the one-line story is dragged with some difficulty to add this to the…

Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary

Forest Canopy of Mundanthurai Reserve Forest

In and around Thirunelveli

A day's tour of some places in Thirunelveli district covers Manimutharu Falls and Dam, Kallakadu - Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary, Papanasam falls and dam, Kuttalam falls, Tenkasi and back to town.

Thirunelveli Map

The ghat road for Manimuthar Falls has some breathtaking views...the water deep below, the green trees, 80ft deep water trench near the falls. Barricades only on the women-bathers side and not on the other genders' side. 

In Papanasam - Agasthiar Falls you can easily click the langurs and fish in the vicinity than the falls which is almost crowded by the bathers. 

Mundanthurai wild reserve is a protected tiger reserve. From Kalakad to Mundanthurai the forest canopy spreads over the western ghats. The reserve is open to public upto 5pm. The animals, mainly - tigers, leopards, panthers, Nilgiri tahr, Indian bison roam over the region. The animal crossing for water across the ghat roads is only in the dusk.   
The rocky mountain of Old Kuttalam water falls is awesome, huge…

Election Handkerchief

Election for Tamilnadu Assembly is over just now. This time I am not able to vote, as I am in another town. I feel so bad that I cant contribute my vote for the change in governance.
I am having habit of puffing the indelible ink mark that they validate in my finger with my handkey before it dries. So my special handky, which I took on every election day, has a story to tell. This time I missed it.