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Coimbatore Real Estate - A Search

                                  After nearly a month later, I am sitting before this blogging machine. I am busy and totally drifted away from my art and net world in search of a piece of residential land in my city, Coimbatore. Not over yet, but sharing some info with you all I feel relieve a bit. My family wants a residential plot in a calm and purely residential area, nearby to all amenities, high ground water level all within our restricted budget.
                           First spin comes from my loved ones (who else? my hubby and my dear son) put this task on my head. Somehow I feel lonely at times. Looking out for land in Sulekha, 99acres, makaan, magicbricks etc..., contacting brokers and builders thru' phone and in person, moving around the city with my friends in search of land.... make me tiresome. One agent called me and told about a plot in my locality. He didn't know I am residing there. When asked about the ground water level, he told me that we will have water at 150 to 300 ft. below. In my rented house itself, the owner told me he got water at 850 ft. below and in little quantity. I only know how I am managing water, by only operating the motor for half an hour, in the morning and the evening.
                           Second, the big magnets of the real estate, Promoters and Builders who use the full time house brokers to swallow the whole city in one grasp. The brokers raise the land price to fill their packets with the big money they get from promoters as well as poor buyers. Promoters won't let you go so easily. They insist.. not true.. compel  on building your house. You dream of your HOME...but they build you your HOUSE.

Started searching throughout the city, I found certain areas are not wholly residential.

Saravanampatti... now only they are building houses here and there and that too small ones. Not a planned attitude in developing that area, no proper roads, not DTP approved... only panjayat approved or unapproved sites and that too on a price hike ( 3.50 lakhs per cent).  If it rains, the area is under sludge.

Vadavalli... you can't avoid this area, as any broker in city can show you a plot here. Bit higher price than Saravanampatti  - 3 to 4 lakhs per cent in outer areas of Vadavalli. Congested place, you can't breathe out easily. But on Vadavalli - Thondamuthur road, there are big apartments, individual  residential houses, cool climate, nice locality.... good for a settlement. But I hadn't sighted one grocery shop or a fancy store near there. I think it will come after the whole area develops well.

Mettupalayam Road Stretch.... Thudiyalur, Kanuvai, Pannimadai all are quite and calm place. Fields are converted to plots. My friend who lives there often complaints about the pests and insects.

Kovaipudur... nice locality, cool climate, totally residential. Main area costs about 5 lakhs per cent. Surrounding Nagars cost about 2.50 to 3.50 lakhs per cent. 

I can't touch the areas R S Puram, Saibaba Colony, Race Course, Gandhipuram, Ganapathy, Peelamedu... I leave those areas for Crorepatis.

Somewhat you can get a piece of land worth your money... but looking for serenity, calm, good ground water level, nearby to shops and hospitals you have to pay extra.


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