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Our Indian Independence

Happy Independence Day

 I was not born when our country attained Independence. We salute the people, the leaders, the revolutionists and all of that period. Our country witnessed so many mutinies, revolts, massacres, satyagrahas, besieges and sacrifices on the way to freedom. 
                                 I studied our Indian history at school level only. That time itself I become a great fan of Mahatma Gandhi.  I read his auto biography 'My Experiments with Truth' sometime ago. He was a normal person with all qualities of a Indian man. Honesty, truth, selfless service to nation, untiring nursing to leprosy patients, giving voice for untouchables, leadership, composed and confident in achieving his goals.

                             He not only wanted freedom for ours, but also wanted unity among the people. Someone may argue about his opposing view about the partition and the partition was not done properly to our satisfaction. One must understand that his view about the un…