A Movie with a logic

              Recently I saw this movie, which is a 1997 release, directed by Kevin Smith. It won two awards also. It tells the relationship between three - two friends and a lesbian girl. For the story line, read this : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chasing_Amy
              Film moves very smoothly. How Ben Affleck falls in love with the lesbian girl, Joey Lauren Adams and accepting her and jealousy part of his friend, Jason Lee are dealt well.  When he came to know about her past with many men, his turmoil and the love he has is shown beautifully thru' his eyes.

Holden & Banky   Ben Affleck stars as Holden McNeil

              So what about the worst part of the movie?  The dialect, more of sociolect, belongs to low social class I think. So many hit words...subtitles run with many more asterisks. Its a turn down point of the movie, makes it a C grade one. Coming to the part of stars, Ben Affleck nice and so striking to watch acts out the role well, but  Adams giggles too girlishly in the first(lesbian) part of the movie and then suddenly becomes serious, when he suspects her heterosexuality. But she delivers her best in the last few scenes when he asks her to be with he and his friend. The last lines "some guy I knew in the past" lingers in our minds. Nice movie to watch.

      Love hurts.. but evoking the past hurts more.
  The logic "Past is always the Past" reaches us.


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