Love for Birds

       Birds with their flamboyant colors, mimicking voice and curious looks attract me a lot from my school days. For school, I have to walk through Omanthoorar Govt.Estate, Chennai ( where the new Secretariat, Rajaji Hall are present) from my house in Wallajah Road to school in Chintatripet. After school I have to go to my dance class which was also inside this estate. I loved the natural surrounding of the estate. Not now...recently I went to Chennai where I happened to see the new secretariat...nice eco-friendly building...but I missed the smell of the nature.


Rajaji Hall

        On those days, I listened to the chirping of birds, the flapping and swishing sound  of wings while they fly here and there. I love them so much that I thought of studying ornithology and to become a bird watcher like Salim Ali. But my dream flopped when my father put me in Engineering. Then what? Each and every time I happened to pass a tree-lined road or street, I simply look for birds.
         I love to have them as pets. So I had parrots as pets and now love birds. The campus in which I am residing in Kovaipudur, is fairytale forest dancing trees and singing birds. One can find mynahs, cuckoos (kuyil), blue-tailed bee-eaters, woodpeckers, little grebes, red-throated fly catcher, grey wagtail and so many. But a sad thing - no sparrows. Herons - grey, purple, reef , Egrets - great, intermediate , Pelicans, Painted Storks all these resident and migratory birds can be seen in the lake near Sundakkamuthur. Now after many years I feel lucky to stay in nature.


Cattle Egret

Little Grebes

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