Cities in Kerala

Kerala, God's own city

                        My personal visits to this state over this two years almost ends. Recently I visited Trivandrum, the capital city. I came to conclusion that the other cities like, Cochin, Calicut, Wayanad... Trivandrum is better in many aspects. 
             First its climate cool and not sweating while it rains. Food city provides suits our Tamilian taste well. The language problem is not here, 'cause most of them, including school children talk Tamil well. So many Tamil and Hindi films are running in theatres. Moreover they are patronizing cultural arts in public places like park. I saw one such play in Gandhi park. People who come here sit in the park benches and enjoy the cultural. Really a good work. I heartily appreciate the people for reviving the arts by patiently sitting and enjoying it. 

                I had a view about the roads of Kerala. The pavements in these cities are poorly maintained or not at all maintained. If a person without arthritis will get it soon while walks regularly on these pavements. 
                 We all know Kerala Govt. always in money shortage for doing the public works because of its long term communist structure. So is the West Bengal. Come out of the old shell. Your youth are more educated, modernized and adaptable. Don't let them move away from your soil.  Preserve the nature as well as give way to the new principles.        


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