Green Cage


               The newly painted cage for my pets is ready and they occupied it. We kept a bamboo with hole in the center to ease them to build a nest. Now they are busy building the nest. The male can't get to the bamboo easily. It takes a long path by climbing through the cage. But she ease her way to bamboo flying directly.  


               He picks the husk from the grains and starts accumulating it inside the bamboo.   I go thru' the internet to find info about their nest, hatching eggs and chicks. One suggestion given is to put shredded paper towels in the nest to make it cosy. So I put some in the bamboo. 
               The male like the bedding inside the nest and it takes effort to keep the husk from the grains and the small pieces of bark from the bough which I kept inside the cage. But the female put aside some of the paper bits for the nest and threw the rest out of the nest. My son put some soft coconut coir inside the nest. It threw that 
out immediately. So naughty and independent. 
               Now she fluffs and sheds the feathers all over the cage. I shifted the cage to the far corner of the verandah so that the feathers won't come into the house. 

   Lovely Love Birds!!!



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