Centenary Rose Garden of Ooty

               Travelling from Coimbatore to Ooty via Mettupalayam Road in the wee hours  is pleasurable. Very cool morning. Pleasant road trip. People going for walking and jogging, hurrying for work, waiting in the bus stand, milkman carrying milk packets, women going to field work in colorful sarees, school children in uniform waiting for their school bus and lazy man drinking tea in a tea shop. 

              Crossing Periayanaicken Palayam, Mettupalayam and Black Thunder. My visit to Black Thunder few years back lingers in my thought. I promised to visit again. Then going from foothills to Ooty through the narrow and winding roads is really cool. This time the Centenary Rose Park is in my priority list of visiting.    
                 This rose park is situated in Ooty near the Charring Cross junction. I went there in the second week of April. The park is getting ready for the May Season in Ooty. Its 10acres of land is filled with different varieties of roses.  All plants are trimmed and ready to have flowers in two weeks. We can see the full rose garden from a spot called  'nila maadam'.  The park is descending with steps of beauty. In the garden they are selling saplings, jams and pickles made from fruits and vegetables. Nice place to sit and relax. 

Rose Park


Small red and white flowers hanging downwards in shrubs 


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