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Showing posts from April, 2010

Centenary Rose Garden of Ooty

Travelling from Coimbatore to Ooty via Mettupalayam Road in the wee hours  is pleasurable. Very cool morning. Pleasant road trip. People going for walking and jogging, hurrying for work, waiting in the bus stand, milkman carrying milk packets, women going to field work in colorful sarees, school children in uniform waiting for their school bus and lazy man drinking tea in a tea shop. 

Green Cage

               The newly painted cage for my pets is ready and they occupied it. We kept a bamboo with hole in the center to ease them to build a nest. Now they are busy building the nest. The male can't get to the bamboo easily. It takes a long path by climbing through the cage. But she ease her way to bamboo flying directly.

Love Birds

I got a pair of love birds as my new pets.They are in their vivid colors of green, blue and white. The male is colorful and acts in a natural way, but the female one is quite stylish in her way and expect every work to be done by her partner, even grains are sometimes feed by him. Most of the time, the male do somersaults and she moves here and there on the bar.