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Squirrel & Me

                 Listen to my tale of woe currently running between a squirrel and me. It begins before this summer. One fine morning, I was startled to see our bathroom window sill and the floor straight below that was full of leaves, hay sticks etc., I watched and found that it's work of a squirrel. It was trying to build a nest. Next day also the same thing happened - the squirrel putting things in the sill and half of it falling down. So I kept a thin cardboard to safe guard it.Whenever a strong wind strikes, the card board falls off. I had to put it back.

The Nest

             It built the nest, egged and small ones ran here and there for few days. And all stopped one day. After two months again the process began and I did the same thing and it ended well. 
            The third time the building process started. One bad morning, the tragedy strikes when as usual the strong wind blows. The cardboard fell. I didn't notice on the first day. Our servant, who was unaware of the agreement going between me and the squirrel,  throw that card board out. The next two days I was busy I totally forget about the nest, the cardboard and the squirrel altogether.
           When I saw the fourth day, the nest was reduced to half. Next day I saw the squirrel shifting the nest part by part. I put another card board. It was not pacified with me, who was showing the white flag. It shifted the whole nest. My heart broke.
Ingratitude wins...
Ok..let it be...


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