Govt. Online Portals

       In our country there are so many software engineers with heavy brains getting hefty pay packets are working for other countries. What is the use for our country by these citizens? 
       See, the ordinary people are always standing in queues in Taluk offices, EB offices, Passport offices, Collector's offices etc.. Why is this condition prevailing? Because our Govt. websites are poorly maintained by those old fellows or lazy young fellows(who wants a job in govt. office to be free of work). These websites won't get update for months.

       We can't apply for anything online. The only site working properly in India is raiways site( Even lower rung of people approach any web browsing center to make a booking of rail ticket with so easy.
      You know how our pan card application forms online site works. It won't have an option for south indian who always write their names with initials.
     We can't apply for ration cards online. We have to go to the respective Taluk Offices and wait over there. How a man/woman do such work during his office hours? He has to send his old father to do such things.     We can't pay EB bills online. The facility is available only in metros.
     The BSNL portal works in comedy. You pay the bill online. Receipt will come as pdf with Name, Mobile number, Account number, Circle such a things but without your name, mobile number, amount such things not filled out.
     Make online everything possible. People without computers will go to the nearest browsing centers to do that. You will reduce the crowd standing in front of the govt. offices. You will work the regular office work without any hassles. The public vs officers clash wont occur. Our govt. will prosper. Economy increases by the productive works. Corruption to the core in our govt. offices will be eradicated. Low income group people relieve a lot by not paying for the corrupted staffs.
    Bring in young brainy fellows to the govt. offices by giving them extra packages(because they used to that) to work out these problems. Make all govt. portals workable, accessible. And maintain and update it.  Make the others in govt. offices to learn computer languages. Then people wont think 'I will relax and settle while I get a govt. job'.


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