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Squirrel & Me

Listen to my tale of woe currently running between a squirrel and me. It begins before this summer. One fine morning, I was startled to see our bathroom window sill and the floor straight below that was full of leaves, hay sticks etc., I watched and found that it's work of a squirrel. It was trying to build a nest. Next day also the same thing happened - the squirrel putting things in the sill and half of it falling down. So I kept a thin cardboard to safe guard it.Whenever a strong wind strikes, the card board falls off. I had to put it back.

Govt. Online Portals

       In our country there are so many software engineers with heavy brains getting hefty pay packets are working for other countries. What is the use for our country by these citizens? 
       See, the ordinary people are always standing in queues in Taluk offices, EB offices, Passport offices, Collector's offices etc.. Why is this condition prevailing? Because our Govt. websites are poorly maintained by those old fellows or lazy young fellows(who wants a job in govt. office to be free of work). These websites won't get update for months.