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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

House Maids in Chennai

Welcome to Chennai

 I just temporarily moved to a furnished service apartment in Chennai for a month. Living in a SA costs you a life.  We'll come to that after. There they provide all, but not the washing machine. So, I have to engage a maid for washing. Already my Chennai friends advised a lot about the maids in the city. It's easy to find a maid in Chennai, but maintaining her is a Himalayan task.                     The watchman brought a lady and she started interviewing me about the members in my family, probable number of guests, days of work in a week, my name and contact number, her name and contact number and her salary (Rs. 600). I accepted all her terms and conditions.                  Next day (that's today) she came  to work. I asked her to clean the bathroom floor before doing washing. She immediately hike her pay by 100 for that only she will clean it daily. She also  told me that she enquired others about the pay and they suggest her for a hike of Rs.100 as t…

House in Paradise

Beauty surrounding my house in Kovaipudur 

Grazing Sheep

Video of egrets chasing the ploughing tractor for their food grains and insects

Enthiran The Robot

The most awaited, watched and running successfully Tamil movie "ENTHIRAN" with my favourite star Rajni in action. Released a month and half back, I didn't get a chance to watch the movie on big screen. Decided not to see it on DVD, I hit the theater on its fiftieth day.
                    Bombay Theater, Thirunelveli, advertised as Full AC dts was somewhat upto mark. Tickets sold in Rs.10, 20, 40 and balcony - guess what - Rs.80 - cheap indeed. It was a rainy day. Only a handful of people seen here and there (totally 20). Blaming myself for seeing the movie after a long time, missing all zing things - Deafening Whistles, Thundering Claps and Showered Flowers -  I watched the film silently. When we were out, the theater manager blamed the rain.

                     Coming to the movie, it is a bit scientific, more Iswarya Rai and much more the Robot Rajni. Rajni, as a scientist with the french beard, nice to look upon. He, as the robot, played well the vi…

Old Age Loneliness

Loneliness is not a simple fact of being alone. It's an emptiness, a solitude, insecurity and fear of everything.  Recently I was to experience this feeling for a short span of period when my hubby and son are away. That's the time, I thought of older people who lives alone. How they cope up with their health, daily shopping for the necessary things, recommended walking - all these things with their restricted  movements due to their old age. 

Most important of it all is their security during night. Now they can't live securely in daytime also. Some people have their houses built in remote areas, where they can afford. Night scares very much. A little sound makes us awake all night causing a depressed and irritated day. People have dogs fear the most, while their pets bark at night. I can't guess the situation.  Don't think of the NIGHT, when the EVENING comes.   

I know the night is not the same as the day: that all things are different, that the things of the night…

Coimbatore Real Estate - A Search

After nearly a month later, I am sitting before this blogging machine. I am busy and totally drifted away from my art and net world in search of a piece of residential land in my city, Coimbatore. Not over yet, but sharing some info with you all I feel relieve a bit. My family wants a residential plot in a calm and purely residential area, nearby to all amenities, high ground water level all within our restricted budget.                            First spin comes from my loved ones (who else? my hubby and my dear son) put this task on my head. Somehow I feel lonely at times. Looking out for land in Sulekha, 99acres, makaan, magicbricks etc..., contacting brokers and builders thru' phone and in person, moving around the city with my friends in search of land.... make me tiresome. One agent called me and told about a plot in my locality. He didn't know I am residing there. When asked about the ground water level, he told me that we will have water at 150 to 300 ft. below. In my…

Our Indian Independence

Happy Independence Day

 I was not born when our country attained Independence. We salute the people, the leaders, the revolutionists and all of that period. Our country witnessed so many mutinies, revolts, massacres, satyagrahas, besieges and sacrifices on the way to freedom. 
                                 I studied our Indian history at school level only. That time itself I become a great fan of Mahatma Gandhi.  I read his auto biography 'My Experiments with Truth' sometime ago. He was a normal person with all qualities of a Indian man. Honesty, truth, selfless service to nation, untiring nursing to leprosy patients, giving voice for untouchables, leadership, composed and confident in achieving his goals.

                             He not only wanted freedom for ours, but also wanted unity among the people. Someone may argue about his opposing view about the partition and the partition was not done properly to our satisfaction. One must understand that his view about the un…

Love for Birds

       Birds with their flamboyant colors, mimicking voice and curious looks attract me a lot from my school days. For school, I have to walk through Omanthoorar Govt.Estate, Chennai ( where the new Secretariat, Rajaji Hall are present) from my house in Wallajah Road to school in Chintatripet. After school I have to go to my dance class which was also inside this estate. I loved the natural surrounding of the estate. Not now...recently I went to Chennai where I happened to see the new secretariat...nice eco-friendly building...but I missed the smell of the nature.

        On those days, I listened to the chirping of birds, the flapping and swishing sound  of wings while they fly here and there. I love them so much that I thought of studying ornithology and to become a bird watcher like Salim Ali. But my dream flopped when my father put me in Engineering. Then what? Each and every time I happened to pass a tree-lined road or street, I simply look for birds.
         I love to have them a…

A Movie with a logic

Chasing Amy

Recently I saw this movie, which is a 1997 release, directed by Kevin Smith. It won two awards also. It tells the relationship between three - two friends and a lesbian girl. For the story line, read this :               Film moves very smoothly. How Ben Affleck falls in love with the lesbian girl, Joey Lauren Adams and accepting her and jealousy part of his friend, Jason Lee are dealt well.  When he came to know about her past with many men, his turmoil and the love he has is shown beautifully thru' his eyes.

              So what about the worst part of the movie?  The dialect, more of sociolect, belongs to low social class I think. So many hit words...subtitles run with many more asterisks. Its a turn down point of the movie, makes it a C grade one. Coming to the part of stars, Ben Affleck nice and so striking to watch acts out the role well, but  Adams giggles too girlishly in the first(lesbian) part of the movie and then sudde…

Coimbatore Nilgiris supermarket

                    Basically I like window shopping and some real shopping. Not a  shopaholic. You don't have to purchase that much to empty your purse. But do some shopping... get vegetables, fruits, and apparels, at least once a week in supermarket or malls. It will refresh your mind and spirit. Do some walking to shop. Will do some good for your health. Seeing new varieties of things in the malls will make you knowledgeable in that arena.                    Women always have some urge to get the new stuff they see. They take the wanted and unwanted things and make their home a trash can. Remember Gautama Buddha. I am a great fan of him. Have in mind what he taught and preached -   People live in a sea of suffering because of ignorance and greed. They are ignorant of the law of karma and are greedy for the wrong kind of pleasures. They do things that are harmful to their bodies and peace of mind, so they can not be satisfied or enjoy life.  "There is happiness in life, happi…

House brokers in Chennai

I was in Chennai, the great metro city, hunting for a rented flat for my kin. It's a great surprise you can find a lot of flats for your needs and also lot of house brokers swirling around you. There are 2BHK, 3BHK or 4BHK flats with CCP and also unfurnished, semi-furnished (fan, light etc.,) and fully furnished (AC, Washing Machine, TV, Bed, etc.,). If you go for an ordinary apartments 2BHK, unfurnished with CCP range from 11000 to 16000.  If you choose multi-storied gated community (includes gym, swimming pool, security, children's play area, etc.,) it range upto 30000 according to the sq.ft.  Maintenance charges range from 300 to 3000.                        There are many brokers and agents who can tour you around these flats after your office hours. You ask for one thing, they will show you what they have in hand and compel you to get that one for want of money. If you say a firm 'no' then they hit back you by calling you names. They raise the rent instead of the h…

Cities in Kerala

Kerala, God's own city

My personal visits to this state over this two years almost ends. Recently I visited Trivandrum, the capital city. I came to conclusion that the other cities like, Cochin, Calicut, Wayanad... Trivandrum is better in many aspects.               First its climate cool and not sweating while it rains. Food city provides suits our Tamilian taste well. The language problem is not here, 'cause most of them, including school children talk Tamil well. So many Tamil and Hindi films are running in theatres. Moreover they are patronizing cultural arts in public places like park. I saw one such play in Gandhi park. People who come here sit in the park benches and enjoy the cultural. Really a good work. I heartily appreciate the people for reviving the arts by patiently sitting and enjoying it. 

                I had a view about the roads of Kerala. The pavements in these cities are poorly maintained or not at all maintained. If a person without arthritis will get it s…

Centenary Rose Garden of Ooty in May Season

In April, the rose garden was almost deserted of flowers and people (see the blog : But in this May it is brimmed with roses. All the buds are turned to roses. Full, nice to see.


Kanyakumari is a land of handicrafts. The seas Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal convulge at a point Cape Comorin in this small town. Mainly tourists throng this place. Locals are having busy business here. Though the main language is Tamil (thanks to Marshal Nesamony who struggled to include this district to the then Madras state), many of them speak Hindi for doing business with the tourists from Northern part of India. 

                 The articles made use of sea shells (gifts, decorative things, ornaments) and coirs (mats, hand bags, gifts) are cheaply available.These products form the major revenue for the artisans. We can see these shops all along the way to beach. Shopping here is a nice experience. 

Triveni Sangamam, where the three seas converge, is where people take the holy dip. Goddess KanyaKumari Amman adorns the temple along the beach. Shops inside the temple have more wooden crafts things to purchase. Sunrise and sunset invite more people towards the beach. Th…