Cool Ooty

                            This time I stayed at Ooty, but toured some interiors of Nilgiris district. The naturality, landscape, cattle, people and land itself fascinate me. The roads to the small villages are very muddy (once laiden tar roads disappeared due to rains) and bushes,trees throng the sides. Nice wild safari ride. Animals, mostly elephants, stags, peacocks and rabbits. The tribes lit fires to drive away the elephants. They wont go through the elephants' routine path. The elephants usually wont cross the people' path. Clear boundary. 
                           In the night, complete darkness prevails, one or two bulbs are seen in their houses. Day closes by 7 pm for those people. Only some fruits and tubers are available from the forest to eat. Mostly bears have their hand in tubers crop field. They got everything from pins to books from the nearby towns and markets put on once in a week. 
                          Children going to government schools have  a tough time for returning home by walk. But they seem to enjoy their life compare to their city counterparts. Government did some good work by constructing water taps in nearby surroundings.    
                      I sketched some beautiful sceneries of the wild. That's how I make use of that time.  I think of sitting there how about enjoying this type of lifestyle leaving all the comforts of city life. But it cant. Because we want this and that near to us. Life is not demanding something out of us. We become lazy. What else we can do? We can blog.... Hurray!!!   






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