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Mall Style

Nowadays most attractive places in day-to-day life are malls, multiplexes for teens and middle and theme parks for children. 
           I write down a list of things to buy. When I am in a mall, I certainly missed myself, strolling here and there, walking in and out of stores, window shopping. At the end, when I checkout my list I got only a few things, not half in the list, still I have to make out purchases with no time at all. Ooff!!!
           If its like this for a mom like me, then what about the teens and young? They dont have a list. They are not in a need to shop. They simply  loitered all through the mall. Having a snack, chatting, relaxing and enjoying themselves. Girls, at the last moment, are in a hurry of going home or hostel. Boys enjoy the most.

Cool Ooty

                            This time I stayed at Ooty, but toured some interiors of Nilgiris district. The naturality, landscape, cattle, people and land itself fascinate me. The roads to the small villages are very muddy (once laiden tar roads disappeared due to rains) and bushes,trees throng the sides. Nice wild safari ride. Animals, mostly elephants, stags, peacocks and rabbits. The tribes lit fires to drive away the elephants. They wont go through the elephants' routine path. The elephants usually wont cross the people' path. Clear boundary. 
                           In the night, complete darkness prevails, one or two bulbs are seen in their houses. Day closes by 7 pm for those people. Only some fruits and tubers are available from the forest to eat. Mostly bears have their hand in tubers crop field. They got everything from pins to books from the nearby towns and markets put on once in a week. 
                          Children going to government schools have  a tough…

Men @ 50s

Mostly men at their 50s lose their activeness, become lethargic in their work, lifestyle. They refuse to update themselves. They linger in their old childhood thoughts. Men can’t live life at their present. They are adamant about taking any counseling regarding this from their partner. They knowingly destroy theirs, family’s happiness. Mostly women suffer by this attitude of men. They are in midst of their hubby and children, mainly sons. Not a single day can pass without arguments. However, she manages the turmoil well.

That’s life

About my site

I started working with my website about arts, my paintings and all about me. I did it using MS Expression Web... took three nice days... came out very well. Then I go into the research about the web hosting companies in India. I got lot of information. I am bit confused. I thought of going into google free site first. I want to know how it work out for me. Now I am launched my site in google.It worked well.
After that I launched my site.

My site address :

My Canvas

Hen with Chicken

Sea Gull

My Passion

Hopes I took art as my career and working on it sincerely. I hope I will succeed. Interested in landscape, seascape and profile paintings. I am in favour of acrylic than oil to paint on canvas. The work got finished in few hours. Dries faster than oil. Moreover, I am a housewife having so many works and duties to do. So acrylics suits me well to finish my work within my leisure time. I hope, on oneday I will have more free time to become a full time artist.