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My Art Works

Love for Glass

Usually people think of having some relaxation activities for themselves. I am more interested in doing glass paintings. It's not like doing paintings on canvas(I did some too), applying our ideas directly on the base. We have to do it in the reverse side. For that first we have to draw the picture in a paper and then we have to transform it. A Double Job. But I like it. 'coz of the satisfaction we get when seeing the finished art. It'nice.


Indian Men
Hi Women Folks,
Men after their marriage use their women only for bringing up children, to look after their home,relatives(especially their parents, sisters and brothers family) They, whether young or old, show no difference regarding this matter. Many well-studied women suffer in the hands of these typed men. These men won't believe their spouse till their last. Nowadays many girls try for divorce as a means of escape. But again they fell into the hands of another men. So, Girls think differently.
Don't let your man to fool you.
Don't let him anything(phone from inlaws) hide from you.
Don't argue with him over silly matters.
Act as magnanimous
Leave him in his own anger.
He will turn crazy instead of making you crazy.
Always keep smile in your face.
Be prepared for the best life.
For behalf of
Slaved Indian women