Travel To England From Tamilnadu

Flight, At Start..Ahila

Planes appear small, when we see from the ground, when we are little girls and boys, when we are not having a single chance of seeing the plane in the airway, taking off or landing down. After we had grown up, we see, feel how big it is, travel, walk within that, hand shake with the pilot, smile, chat with air hostesses, stewards, but still we awe or urged to come out of our work or study, whenever we hear the sound of a plane flying outside or when we look the trail of smoke from a jet plane. Myself also sit in the same position of all. While I was in school, I ran out of my class to see the aeroplane flying. I peek with my slanting neck, through the kitchen window when I was cooking. I imagine the plane which is making sound 'zinggg..' over the building while I was occupied in work. These things come naturally to everyone as we are addicted to our interests. It wont change as we ages. Habits which was formed or developed during early years of life most…

I Named The Village - My English Poetry Book Released

I Named The VillageBook Release

I had been writing for the past fifteen years in Tamil. Poems, short stories, novel, non fiction writing and all. And penned down ten books.  But this is my first English Poetry Book,  that has added a beautiful feather in my cap. 

A poem from my collection: 
I am not The Buddha When I rest under the banyan With closed eyes, folded knees, ‘Look after carefully’ Sounded an owl Giving her little one to me And went on its way
‘Keep these with care’ Said the green parakeet, Thrusted some ripened fruits In my lap and left 
‘Save this pearl necklace’ Ordered the Raven, Put it around my neck And flew away
‘Take this also’ Said a beggar who throw A rupee near me And moved
Not-Self, I am not The Buddha !
I mostly listen to the silence, for its shades and nuances that sits over the meadows, mountains, water and even in my kitchen table. The Babblers, Egrets, Daffodils, Chrysanthemums speak out their silence in a varied hues. I listened to them. There from, these poems of mine speak m…


Part II

Angiography is a radiographical imaging of blood vessels by injecting a radio opaque dye. When the physician written for a angiogram, I prepared my mind to go through. 

I was asked to remove my jewels. Handled all to my husband and looked at him. He was also worried but smiled and said, ' its just a test. Ellaam sariyaagidum.. (All will be Ok).' I always feel a sense of danger behind this type of his statements. I spoke to my son in chennai. Thinking it as a simple test, he asked me to proceed, 'onnum irukkaathu.. (Nothing bad, results).' 
Now I am in hospital bed, waiting for the people to take angiography for me. The nurse asked to wear the blue hospital gown. She tried to put razor on my right hand wrist. I asked the reason. Its where the physician will inject the dye which passes through the arteries to show the deformities in blood circulation. 'I have to remove hair from your thigh also, its an alternative,' she told. She did her work patiently and s…

Me & My Heart Bypass Surgery

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG)
Part I

Almost everyone have heard about the heart bypass surgery, but not everyone experienced it. Our near and dear ones, went into this traumatic period and lived after ten years with happy smiles.
Just like you all, I also heard the words, 'heart surgery', 'bypass surgery', 'angiogram', 'stent', but not a single time i imagined myself will be into this.

As myself a writer and authored five books (poems & short story collections) in Tamil, I intended to pen down my story in surgery after twenty days of surgery. Almost finished, the book in Tamil will be released in few months.
I am so eager to write it in English, here in my blog I started with this. In this series, I am going to write my experiences, fears, thoughts, myths about the corollary bypass surgery, I underwent. Maybe one or other person can benefit from this.
Moreover, there is another special, I am a woman, who went through this surgery. There are few…

Tamil Literary Forum Inauguration

Tamil Literary Forum InaugurationIn Coimbatore
Sthaayi School of Theater Arts Inaugurates Literary Forums for four South Indian Languages in Coimbatore. Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam are the four. Ms. Jayashree Murthy, Founder of Sthaayi School of Theater Arts is the person behind this glorious initiative. 
Tamil Literary Forum is to be inaugurated  tomorrow by Poet Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram, Special Reporter, The New Indian Express, Coimbatore. 
The Book to be reviewed is 'Naaraai.. Naaraai..' by the Poet, Author & Counselor Ahila. Author of the book is Attanaththi. 
Date : 4.11.2017 Time : 10 am Place : Sthaayi School of Theater Arts, 18, Govindasamy Naidu Layout, Behind Andaal Marriage Mahal, Trichy Road, Coimbatore  
Welcome All.. 

Secret Chambers

This dawn speaks, You are in a caravan
Through the long stretch of coconut grove And wades into the vastness of sand dunes You travel the breath of world
Yet I remember you, 
To capture  The mountains of Sumerians, To bring back The lobes of flowers  That fragrance the forest, And the painted pitcher That we loved once upon a time

Remember to pick the fragments  Which subsumed in the secret chambers
Of the fallen hair 
And withered flowers 
While dusk,  You were in a caravan.. 

~ Ahila..

Silver Nitrate - Solution & Experience

Silver Nitrate Solution & Experience

You have to believe that I had gained a recent knowledge of Silver Nitrate. That doesn't mean, I am an expertise in the subject, chemistry. And for sure I learnt a little from school, with no such big interest in acids, alkaline, salts, solids, elements, addition reaction, Avogadro's number, subatomic particles, pipette, burette, titration, solutions, solvent, solute, valence, thermodynamics etc, etc.,

Ok, Now I'll tell the real thing behind the Chemical, Silver Nitrate, AgNo3.

Silver salts have antiseptic properties. It is used as a cauterizing agent, for example to remove granulation tissue around a wound. Brief exposure will not produce any immediate side effects other than the purple, brown or black stains on the skin, but upon constant exposure to high concentrations, side effects will be noticeable, which include burns. Long-term exposure may cause eye damage. Silver nitrate is known to be a skin and eye irritant - says Wikip…