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November 3, 2017

Tamil Literary Forum Inauguration

Tamil Literary Forum Inauguration

In Coimbatore

Sthaayi School of Theater Arts Inaugurates Literary Forums for four South Indian Languages in Coimbatore. Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam are the four. Ms. Jayashree Murthy, Founder of Sthaayi School of Theater Arts is the person behind this glorious initiative. 

Tamil Literary Forum is to be inaugurated  tomorrow by Poet Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram, Special Reporter, The New Indian Express, Coimbatore. 

The Book to be reviewed is 'Naaraai.. Naaraai..' by the Poet, Author & Counselor Ahila. Author of the book is Attanaththi. 

Date : 4.11.2017
Time : 10 am
Place : Sthaayi School of Theater Arts, 18, Govindasamy Naidu Layout, Behind Andaal Marriage Mahal, Trichy Road, Coimbatore  

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February 6, 2017

Secret Chambers


This dawn speaks,
You are in a caravan

Through the long stretch of coconut grove
And wades into the vastness of sand dunes
You travel the breath of world

Yet I remember you, 
To capture 
The mountains of Sumerians,
To bring back
The lobes of flowers 
That fragrance the forest,
And the painted pitcher
That we loved once upon a time

Remember to pick the fragments 
Which subsumed in the secret chambers
Of the fallen hair 
And withered flowers 

While dusk, 
You were in a caravan.. 

~ Ahila..