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November 24, 2015

Palani Ghat Road To Kodaikanal

Road To Kodaikanal

Three weeks back, we were on a trip to Kodaikanal by road.

Kodaikanal, located in dindigul district, Tamilnadu. This one is near Palani hills. Landmark city is Madurai.

From Coimbatore, our usual road trip is through Dharapuram, Batlagundu and then Kodaikanal Ghat Road.

This time, friends informed about the Palani Ghat Road which is less in distance, so traveling takes less time also. 

Road Plans For the Hill

Through Kodaikanal Ghat Road

Coimbatore, Palladam, Dharapuram, Ottanchatram, Sempatti, Batlagundu, Kodaikanal Ghat Road, Kodaikanal.

Distance nearly 300 km

Time 6 h 30 mins

Through Palani Ghat Road

Coimbatore, Dharapuram, Palani, Palani Ghat Road, Kodaikanal

Distance 196 km

Time 4 h 30 mins

We took the Palani Ghat road for the trip. One is through Pollachi, Udumalpet and hitting the hills.
Distance 169 km

Next through, Palladam, Dharapuram and again the hills. Distance 196 km.
Both differ by 20 mins or so.

We planned to hit the hills by second one, through Palladam, Dharapuram for no big reason. Early morning motor ride was a pleasant one. Stopped at Dharapuram for breakfast in a Veg Bhavan.

In Palani, we asked our local google mapsetters, guess whom they are, our loyal auto drivers, the road leading to ghat road. This road first starts as an ordinary one, and then moves slowly climbs the mountain.

Palani Villages 

Palani Hills

Ghat Road..

No big scenery stops in between, but its a pure ghat road, single lane road with bushy side steeps.

Total hairpin bends are 14. And an old tower standing at the first hairpin bend, built in 2009.

More Pictures showing the steep route. Its possible to drive in day time, but not advisable in night. Usually less vehicles takes this route. If there approaches a big vehicle on the opp direction, then we have to stay back. The road is not that much safe for not so experienced drivers.

More Pictures..

Palani Ghat road joins here with the kodaikanal main road..The next day, we started downhill thru the kodaikanal road.

Small stream near this welcome board..

Silver Cascade Falls on the way..

Happy Journey..