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February 9, 2012

Revolution 2020 - A Run Through

Revolution 2020
Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat's  Revolution 2020 is a good attempt of bringing the society's corrupted lives, the nuances of the spirituality town Varanasi, touches AIEEE, JEE exams a bit, deals the love triangle going between three childhood friends, their attempts to succeed in lives, one being buckles to our corrupted system, other being stand straight and the third being the girl who torn between the boys. Book deals the intrications of love, lust, money, property deals and all that.....  

Gopal, a non-succeeder in AIEEE and JEE exams, opened an Engineering college in his disputed land with the help of a scammed politician. He believes in going through our corrupted system and got into the luxuries of life at an early age.
Raghav, an aspirant engineer from BHU, takes out to streets as his passion is journalism to make straight the corrupted system starting from the small town of Varanasi.
Aarti, the girl who caught between these two friends, shuttles through love and friendship.  

The author plays well with girls' feelings and analyses every bit how they behave and do things while they are in high and low times and get deep in this novel than his previous works and somewhat it appears worth. But no one is there to write how boys behave in such situations.... playing dumb or enjoying all? Someone must come up with these.

Chetan Bhagat

Missing threads....

When the main character, Gopal, toils to get his life lifted, he never once think about his father. The land in which he is constructing a college is the disputed land which drowned his father into debt. When you have hard times, you think about the person who dear you(Parents), not the person whom you dear(GF). But here its different. Gopal came to his senses of remembering his father, nearly after the lapse of 120 pages, and that too after he slept with her one day. Lust first, Father next.....

In all his books, the author seems to be in a thought that always a man care for his lady love and nothing else came to his mind. This is a bad illusion, Chetan Bhagat. Try to change this mindset from the next novel. There are so many things in life other than girls.

And the obstacles he is facing while constructing his college are not at all explained well compared to that of the author went on explaining in detail about the entrance exam coaching centers of Kota. The author just shifts the problems Gopal faces in this construction issue to the scammed politician Shukla.

'If Lust wins, Love fails' Myth went wrong....

Most part of this book covers the love and lust whirling around the three friends. Gopal loves Aarti from childhood and in turn she loves Raghav. But she agrees to sleep with Gopal, as her BF is not ready to spend time with her. She fills the vacuum with another one....how sweet she is....Suitable Indian Bride of 2020....

And here where lust plays a main part and the author handles it well. The guilty feelings, confused act of a girl in this situation is stated right. After that also the author maintains the true love the boy has with the girl besides sleeping with her often. And what the boy did at the end of the story, for his love, is the finishing work of this novel and its the crowning part also. I appreciate the author for breaking the myth, 'lust is behind every love'.....

Hats Off to Chetan Bhagat

At some points in this book, the author shows his inclination towards the society than his earlier ones. His boyish style of writing has changed to a more matured part.

At one point, when Gopal finishes with her in the hotel room, we murmurs, 'ya....he deserves'. That much of love the author intricates through out the book and wins our heart. When the boy insist the girl to be with him through out his life, one can think that it is the continuation of his desire. But we are proved wrong by the author. And when the boy goes to open up this matter to her lover, as the title states the revolution starts, the story twists and takes a turn and we see the story through Raghav..... The money, mercedes benz and the luxury are nothing in front of humanity is proved in this book. Good writing. Here the author stands tall.....

But again Chetan slips in one instant.....When Gopal decides to snap off the love ties with Aarti, the author may chosen some other means other than this filmy one. We had seen this thing so many Indian masala films....why the author sail the same way...to prove his Indian roots?

Though some writing appears filmy, its nice to see a young chap who buckles to our corrupted system raises to set right the system and thereby decides to let another guy, who fights for the society to get hold of the reins. 

Through the last lines in the book, the author sees Gopal as 'the Good' and more ahead of him, we started thinking Gopal as 'the Good'.

Chetan gives this time a passionate and  revolutionary novel that opens up the societal changes and we eagerly awaits for his new one to be better than this one....

Real Revolution....

February 2, 2012


A Honour To Thiruvalluvar

             Thiruvalluvar, the classical tamil poet who penned down 1330 verses of Thirukural in 133 chapters. The monument for this great poet stands in Nungambakkam, Chennai as Valluvarkottam.

              It stands tall with a 127ft high temple chariot resembling Tiruvarur temple chariot, an auditorium which accommodate around 4000 people and inscriptions from Thirukural on granite stones erected in the mezzanine floor of the structure. The memorial is built using more than 3000 blocks of stone. 

             Valluvarkottam is architected by Ganapathi Sthapati  and personally constructed under the supervision of the then Chief Minister Karunanidhi. The memorial was opened on 1976 by the then President of India Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and presided by the Governor K K Shah.

             Its almost kept clean except the smell in the corners proved that we are real Indians.





Arch Entrance for Top Corridor


Terrace View


Life Size Statue of Thiruvalluvar

Public can access this renowned structure on all days between 8 am to 6 pm except Fridays and National Holidays. 
Visit Once.....