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November 28, 2012

Vadai & Sambar

Vadai & Sambar


  • Urad flour - 1 measure
  • Rice flour - 1 tbsp
  • Onion cut - 1 tbsp
  • Green Chili cut - 3
  • Asafoetida - 1/2 tsp
  • Black Pepper splitted - 1 tsp
  • Salt
  • Oil to fry
  • Water - 1/2 measure


  • Mix all except oil
  • Heat oil 
  • Take a small dough, pat it round, fry it to golden color in oil
  • Have the snack with Sambar or Coconut Chutney



  • Toor Dal - 1 measure
  • Tomato - 2
  • Potato - 2
  • Sambar Powder - 1 tsp
  • Salt 
  • Corainder

For Seasoning

  • Coconut Oil - 1 tsp
  • Mustard
  • Cumin
  • Red Chili
  • Asapoetida - 1/2 tsp
  • Curry Leaves

  • Cook Toor Dal 
  • Add Boiled potato, tomato, salt, sambar powder...
  • Do the seasoning
  • Garnish with the corainder

November 23, 2012


The Experience...

Boarding the train from Chennai I made myself comfortable. And the ticket checker came and started checking the tickets. He being a smart young man checked the tickets in a jiff. I just had my ticket on mobile. He didn’t get the mobile from me to verify the ticket. Just had my ID and note it down. I thought its okay….I hadn’t guessed at that time that I have to open my message inbox at least four times during the journey.

He left the compartment. After sometime he came and started counting the heads as conductors do in route buses. He then left. Again he did the same thing with checking the tickets here and there. This happens for the fifth time. Some passengers enquired him what is the matter. He didn’t answer, but smiled shyly.

After 10 minutes he returned with another black coat TTE, a senior one this time. That person started checking and this chap moved here and there with some thinking. After the senior finished almost three fourths of the bogi he rushed to him and said in a loud voice, ’I found out where it went wrong…’ and smiled sheepishly. The senior gave the chart to him with a grin.

Almost 15 minutes gone. He returned with the chart in his hands. This time the passengers had a more concerned look. One man asked him, ‘have you not sort it out?....do you need any help from me?...’. This young chap waved and said,’ no…not necessary….i sorted…I came here to thank you all for the cooperation. Thanks….’

We all smiled with a relief as if we had done the job. The air of tension that he had made us feel for the past one hour is gone. The way he came again to thank us all shows his attitude.  

These young people who are novice in a work give an experience of it to all who are near to them. So next time when you encounter a fellow like him, try to help and learn the job a bit from that…..

True, I feel TTE…

November 22, 2012


Flaunting in the rain
Wandering down the sun
Moving over the mountains
Silhouetting the past
Tunneling the love
Letting it pass
Nothing is with me
Excepting me…

July 29, 2012

Facebook 1....

And Our Indian Women

Word of Thanks
I am so thankful for my agonized women friends who asked and helped me in writing this article. I believe this would certainly helps our women to balance in the social network to some extent.

Indian Women
Indian women, had a definite pattern of living and a very stringent culture of not being out with other men after they got married, whether they are educated or an earning member. For the past one decade, we had seen change in behavioral pattern of our college girls, influenced by the western culture. They love, like or lie down and go well with any other person on earth. The social sites trap these girls into this current, that they are not able to adjust with their partners after the nuptial knot. They compare their men with the other male friends in their network. Many marriages end well in the court. 

If these are all known facts, what is the necessity for writing this article?....Leaving young girls, we beckon the women in their 40s and 50s to define their role in the net world. I know this will anger some. But I cant help.

FaceBook as Slam Book...
The past ten years had seen the upliftment and also the morality declination of the working women. Now it gets worse but the tables turn around to find the housewives in their mids entrap in this situation because of the internet connectivity and the social sites like FaceBook etc., The women social organizations usually wear the Seetha Devi attire to tackle the issues with the menfolk. But the real scenario among the urban women is far more worse. So dealing matter at this early stage is worth a penny. Facebook is used by them as their Slam book. 

Women in their Mids
Women at this age must be aware of their social stigma, their wards and their agility. They must develop some leanings before entering FB and must have a good balance over their emotions. If you cant control yourself, you will sure be in a devastating mode, just speeding down in the jet way. 

One fb friend of mine told me that she is regularly doing yoga and  that routine keeps her temperamental changes under control. She also told that there in the yoga class she picked up another man. So what is the use in going for yoga. Some willpower will do to control this second nature of the people.

Bold and Beautiful
We all know that in real world talking with confidence makes us face the menfolk boldly. Beware of some men who had innate liking for this type of women. They fall for The Bold and The Beautiful....In FB, these confident women bowed down to their counterparts in relationships as these are underlined as secrets.  


Take the case of Facebook. Here the on and offline chatting is so popular by opening so many windows and chat with young and old at a time. One fb friend told me that she just got mixed with the names in the chat windows, so that from the next time she manages to call them as dear, darling, pa, ma...like their male counterparts' do..how improvised the methods had become. 

These things are all happening in our culture stricken India and that too among our Seetha Devis. I heard from the old dust that once the then Prime Minister Nehru, while taking census, asked the women to give their names instead of giving by their wards like ram's ma, geetha's amma...Now who will save us? 

Many women are falling prey to this chatting mania. First falling for one relationship, after the love, hate, sleep, sex, split...they return back to the pavilion, losing the battle. They almost cry during the whole period of relationship because they knew the men is not with them only...he is a bloody chatting guy. But their mind insists in going to them again and again, as you see the movie villain has so many gf s surrounding him. 

Some women get interested in young boys make the grave mistake of spoiling a generation. These boys first call you by sister or aunty or ma, pa, or daringly some by names and most of all dear. These ladies in their 40s or 50s, enjoy it to the extreme. They exchange kisses to tits  in the chat itself...poor hubbies...who knows they may have a different history. 

Mostly the women in 50s easily fall prey to these boys. and if possible they share beds with them...what a shameful attitude....Once upon a time, we just turn our face when the google returns illegal relationship for the search results of 'mom and son'...now they are in real, but not the true mom and sons, look alike...

These boys convince the mid-age ones by telling their love failure or absence/sickness of his better half....that gives the clue that they want you. These melodramas cause these women to pity them. Good Lads and Ladies of FB...

The call by the Sivaraj Vaithiar of Siddha Medicine in Tamil TV Channels for these young ones are really worth. In future, he may also add the facebook to be one of the reasons for their impotency. Who Knows?...

If you are in a relationship 
If a woman gets into a relationship she has only him in her mind. Her normal sex life got badly affected. But if a man has, he can satisfy himself with his wife and do with others also. They cheat these poor women. 

Ladies whether they belong to most civilized countries or lesser ones, they cant cope up with this situation. They take these relationships to head and heart. Because these ladies are now common in our society, with the backup/aid of this social sites, we determine to bring them out of this stigma. 

Tackling Your Daily Grinds in FB
  • Balance everything like our opposite genders do. Remove the emotional quotient from your mind. It will help you better to balance. 
  • Dont push one man into yourself. Keep a clear head. 
  • Treat all as your friends, not your bf s. This will give a lighter mind.
  • Dont go into sexual or vulgar slang with them. 
  • Dont share your photos with them. 
  • Usually a monosyllable (ya, k, mmm) can do better during chat. 
  • You should keep one thing for sure in mind, they are never better than your husband in managing you. 
  • Mainly women longs for friendship within a relationship. Dont expect him to kajol you always which's highly impossible as he is a Dasarathan by himself. 
  • Learn from him one thing that he never let down his life partner in any matters. But these women share every matters about their husbands with them and totally get trapped by them. 
  • How the other gender becomes so brilliant on this earth, why we, the women, born as blockheads. Think about this. 
  • Women have to stop the intense urge for the men and falling for them blindly. Manage as they do. 
  • When they use the technology in their stride, we must also upbeat the other gender. 

A Good Word
End a Relationship

You look Beautiful...
now I look Beautiful
~  Anonymous 

Relationships are not best suited for our Indian mindset. We preach the world the principle of the joint family with its closely woven threads of our tradition. Touch and feel those things which reminds our culture and be belong to India till our last breath.

Keep Friendships and not Relationships

May 8, 2012

Women and The FaceBook

Facebook is like jail, you sit around and waste time, write on walls, and get poked by people you dont know.
 I’m not addicted to Facebook i just have an addiction to Facebook.

 You can do anything, but not everything.

Have you ever noticed that “lol” looks like a drowning man?
 I don’t think he was laughing out loud..

     We, the independent women of this century have no true friendship in real and virtual world. In our culture-torn India, the women folks are allowed to be independent, but to be dependent....confusing, isn't it?...but its true...Women know the secret of this independent cum dependent family values and how to abide, avert or act according to the situations. And so we survive in the real, reel and virtual world with little tampering. 

      Real world demands the physical as well as our mental stability. I dont know much about the reel world, as i am not in it. But heard that it needs more Horlicks than Boost...Coming to the virtual world, there is enough comedy to a hearty laugh with some pricks.

 Take the social network, FaceBook, true to its name, this one brings before us the true faces of others....

if you type a 'good morning' when the sun rises, sure of getting some 234 'hi's, 'good morning's till night. Wonder how many late risers the world has!!!

      On opening home page, you beam on seeing so many friend requests, going thru' it, you can bet a sport to spot out the original one from the fakes....click one, the about page shows only that he is a male. It is the best qualification you need to court a friendship with a girl in fb....nothing else is needed....

      Then there are other fellows who use fake ids projecting faces of actors or glamour girls. Their walls show bright morning and sweet nite pics posted by their so far 48(!)fake friends....you believe or not,these fellows are harmless. When i post a worthy post like an art work, they will blabber a 'hi, how r u..', 'hi, i like u'(not the art which i did), 'hello'(as i'm his mobile), 'where r u', 'wat doing?'..... 

      Some good(!) friends spearhead the rumors, bring forth the old clashes, live wire some controversial discussions, flare up misunderstandings, knotting good friends as to-be couples,....behave as if they are kids in school...

      Women happened to be in her 40+ must be aware of that she is having a nice(!) Indian family setup behind her, her daughters/DILs and sons/SILs.....She should be cautious about 

  • confirming friend requests...(chaps working in Arabian countries, young chaps in college/school final)
  • writing in private messages...(as it may get copied & pasted or posted)
  • let not the praising from your friend gets into your head...(as its a virtual world, he can open many windows for simultaneous chatting)

    One friend of mine chats up to 2 in the morning as her hubby sleeps with loud snore. One twinkly night, another ffriend(a senior citizen) post a status update that she is going to end her life as there is no point in living...after some dialogues like these,

'u are not mine...' 
'i wont meant that' 
'u r not here often'
'i'll come and see u'
went between her and a young guy, she pacified and became active from the next day. Is this a true friendship or what sort of relationship is this? I cant guess...

FaceBook...the name stands and answers...

February 9, 2012

Revolution 2020 - A Run Through

Revolution 2020
Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat's  Revolution 2020 is a good attempt of bringing the society's corrupted lives, the nuances of the spirituality town Varanasi, touches AIEEE, JEE exams a bit, deals the love triangle going between three childhood friends, their attempts to succeed in lives, one being buckles to our corrupted system, other being stand straight and the third being the girl who torn between the boys. Book deals the intrications of love, lust, money, property deals and all that.....  

Gopal, a non-succeeder in AIEEE and JEE exams, opened an Engineering college in his disputed land with the help of a scammed politician. He believes in going through our corrupted system and got into the luxuries of life at an early age.
Raghav, an aspirant engineer from BHU, takes out to streets as his passion is journalism to make straight the corrupted system starting from the small town of Varanasi.
Aarti, the girl who caught between these two friends, shuttles through love and friendship.  

The author plays well with girls' feelings and analyses every bit how they behave and do things while they are in high and low times and get deep in this novel than his previous works and somewhat it appears worth. But no one is there to write how boys behave in such situations.... playing dumb or enjoying all? Someone must come up with these.

Chetan Bhagat

Missing threads....

When the main character, Gopal, toils to get his life lifted, he never once think about his father. The land in which he is constructing a college is the disputed land which drowned his father into debt. When you have hard times, you think about the person who dear you(Parents), not the person whom you dear(GF). But here its different. Gopal came to his senses of remembering his father, nearly after the lapse of 120 pages, and that too after he slept with her one day. Lust first, Father next.....

In all his books, the author seems to be in a thought that always a man care for his lady love and nothing else came to his mind. This is a bad illusion, Chetan Bhagat. Try to change this mindset from the next novel. There are so many things in life other than girls.

And the obstacles he is facing while constructing his college are not at all explained well compared to that of the author went on explaining in detail about the entrance exam coaching centers of Kota. The author just shifts the problems Gopal faces in this construction issue to the scammed politician Shukla.

'If Lust wins, Love fails' Myth went wrong....

Most part of this book covers the love and lust whirling around the three friends. Gopal loves Aarti from childhood and in turn she loves Raghav. But she agrees to sleep with Gopal, as her BF is not ready to spend time with her. She fills the vacuum with another one....how sweet she is....Suitable Indian Bride of 2020....

And here where lust plays a main part and the author handles it well. The guilty feelings, confused act of a girl in this situation is stated right. After that also the author maintains the true love the boy has with the girl besides sleeping with her often. And what the boy did at the end of the story, for his love, is the finishing work of this novel and its the crowning part also. I appreciate the author for breaking the myth, 'lust is behind every love'.....

Hats Off to Chetan Bhagat

At some points in this book, the author shows his inclination towards the society than his earlier ones. His boyish style of writing has changed to a more matured part.

At one point, when Gopal finishes with her in the hotel room, we murmurs, 'ya....he deserves'. That much of love the author intricates through out the book and wins our heart. When the boy insist the girl to be with him through out his life, one can think that it is the continuation of his desire. But we are proved wrong by the author. And when the boy goes to open up this matter to her lover, as the title states the revolution starts, the story twists and takes a turn and we see the story through Raghav..... The money, mercedes benz and the luxury are nothing in front of humanity is proved in this book. Good writing. Here the author stands tall.....

But again Chetan slips in one instant.....When Gopal decides to snap off the love ties with Aarti, the author may chosen some other means other than this filmy one. We had seen this thing so many Indian masala films....why the author sail the same way...to prove his Indian roots?

Though some writing appears filmy, its nice to see a young chap who buckles to our corrupted system raises to set right the system and thereby decides to let another guy, who fights for the society to get hold of the reins. 

Through the last lines in the book, the author sees Gopal as 'the Good' and more ahead of him, we started thinking Gopal as 'the Good'.

Chetan gives this time a passionate and  revolutionary novel that opens up the societal changes and we eagerly awaits for his new one to be better than this one....

Real Revolution....

February 2, 2012


A Honour To Thiruvalluvar

             Thiruvalluvar, the classical tamil poet who penned down 1330 verses of Thirukural in 133 chapters. The monument for this great poet stands in Nungambakkam, Chennai as Valluvarkottam.

              It stands tall with a 127ft high temple chariot resembling Tiruvarur temple chariot, an auditorium which accommodate around 4000 people and inscriptions from Thirukural on granite stones erected in the mezzanine floor of the structure. The memorial is built using more than 3000 blocks of stone. 

             Valluvarkottam is architected by Ganapathi Sthapati  and personally constructed under the supervision of the then Chief Minister Karunanidhi. The memorial was opened on 1976 by the then President of India Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and presided by the Governor K K Shah.

             Its almost kept clean except the smell in the corners proved that we are real Indians.





Arch Entrance for Top Corridor


Terrace View


Life Size Statue of Thiruvalluvar

Public can access this renowned structure on all days between 8 am to 6 pm except Fridays and National Holidays. 
Visit Once.....