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December 31, 2010


Happy New Year

Happy New Year


December 29, 2010

House Maids in Chennai

Welcome to Chennai

                     I just temporarily moved to a furnished service apartment in Chennai for a month. Living in a SA costs you a life.  We'll come to that after. There they provide all, but not the washing machine. So, I have to engage a maid for washing. Already my Chennai friends advised a lot about the maids in the city. It's easy to find a maid in Chennai, but maintaining her is a Himalayan task.
                    The watchman brought a lady and she started interviewing me about the members in my family, probable number of guests, days of work in a week, my name and contact number, her name and contact number and her salary (Rs. 600). I accepted all her terms and conditions.
                 Next day (that's today) she came  to work. I asked her to clean the bathroom floor before doing washing. She immediately hike her pay by 100 for that only she will clean it daily. She also  told me that she enquired others about the pay and they suggest her for a hike of Rs.100 as the prices of commodities are going up in the chart. So increased her pay by herself without my concern. Okay...Okay...
                    I gave her a cup of coffee after asking her whether she drinks coffee or not. After finishing washing, she asked me to hang the clothes on the clothes line, as she has pain in her neck. I accepted it, 'cause if I compelled her to do that she may hike her pay by another 100. What a good guess!!!
                     When she was leaving I asked her whether she comes tomo', she replied in Vijay style "நான்  வேலைக்கு  வரேன்னு  commit பண்ணிட்டேன்னா  கண்டிப்பா  வந்திடுவேன் " (If I had commited for work, sure I'll be here) .

Oh my Goodness!!!   Save our city

December 23, 2010

House in Paradise

Beauty surrounding my house in Kovaipudur 


Grazing Sheep

Video of egrets chasing the ploughing tractor for their food grains and insects

December 3, 2010

Enthiran The Robot

                  The most awaited, watched and running successfully Tamil movie "ENTHIRAN" with my favourite star Rajni in action. Released a month and half back, I didn't get a chance to watch the movie on big screen. Decided not to see it on DVD, I hit the theater on its fiftieth day.
                    Bombay Theater, Thirunelveli, advertised as Full AC dts was somewhat upto mark. Tickets sold in Rs.10, 20, 40 and balcony - guess what - Rs.80 - cheap indeed. It was a rainy day. Only a handful of people seen here and there (totally 20). Blaming myself for seeing the movie after a long time, missing all zing things - Deafening Whistles, Thundering Claps and Showered Flowers -  I watched the film silently. When we were out, the theater manager blamed the rain.

                     Coming to the movie, it is a bit scientific, more Iswarya Rai and much more the Robot Rajni. Rajni, as a scientist with the french beard, nice to look upon. He, as the robot, played well the villanious act in the second part. Iswarya Rai, once a doll, now a beauty in thirties, overacted in some scenes but good in many. Never able to forgot her graceful and elegant dance moves in this film.So watchful...

                   Climax is a mix of Kingkong, Godzilla and a light doze of comedy. I feel that this movie can't be associated as a 'Rajni film'. We miss the RAJNIKANTH thing - mannerism, style and ofcourse fight - in this one. Overall, its a new era film with our Superstar acting, not a Superstar film in this new era.   
                   Leaving Rajni, the film's grandeur, locational choreography, songs and music, costumes score high. As the concept is new to Tamil cinema, we gladly welcome and appreciate the technicians' worth in this movie. It moves the Indian films to a step up in synonymous with its corresponding counterparts. Great work done by the team.         
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